The Ulm University Foundation

The Ulm University's founding story is characterised by a lot of non-material as well as financial support from the townspeople and local businesses. Regardless of state financing, the Ulm University still relies today on the support of private initiatives, businesses and people, and will continue to do so tomorrow. Private support is the only way the University can finance the measures necessary for providing students, instructors and researchers with the best opportunities in which to develop their existing potential.

Support the Ulm University with your commitment and have a part in implementing projects and topics that are important to you. Contact us. We would be happy to discuss it all with you, to help you formulate and design your own ideas, personal wishes and visions.

The aim of the Ulm University Foundation is the advancement of science, education (including help for students) and the arts through non-material and financial support of research, instruction, studying and continuing education at the Ulm University. This makes a transfer of knowledge between the University and practical experience possible, and it makes it easier to implement cooperative tax-deductible projects between the University and the University Clinic.  

Please contact us for further information.