Project overview

The project UULM PRO MINT & MED strives to further advance the quality of teaching in a sustained way. Various measures are offered to students and teachers of all disciplines with the goal to enhance study conditions and support students especially in the beginning of their studies. 

The project, which was launched in October 2011, is led by Prof. Dr. Irene Bouw and funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research as part of the Qualitätspakts Lehre (teaching quality pact). The Qualitätspakt Lehre website (in German only) has further information on the project UULM PRO MINT & MED (in German only) and other funded projects at German higher education institutions.


Project measures

Subject-specific measures

All departments at Ulm University are running subject-specific events and measures with a predominant focus on improving the experience of new students and those transitioning into a master's programme, doctoral studies or work life. Each department has student advocates who develop initiatives, offers and projects on a departmental level and act as intermediaries between teachers and students.

For further information please see the student advocates' webpage (in German only).

Contact person is Daniel Schropp.

Accompanying research

The accompanying scientific research evaluates effectiveness and direction of the project measures’ effects. The purpose is to study the impacts of the measures on study-related factors, such as performance, motivation and other psychologically relevant aspects.

For further information please see the accompanying research webpage.

Contact person is Prof. Tina Seufert.

Internationalised teaching

The International Office is involved in the planning, conceptualising and monitoring as well as implementation of measures that target the internationalisation of the teaching. This part of the project focuses on internationalising the curriculum, teaching staff and the teaching experience. It also aims to increase student mobility as well as utilise and strengthen the competences and potentials of international students.

For further information please see the pages of the International Office.

Advanced teaching methods and e-learning

The interdisciplinary further development of the quality of teaching and teacher qualification is another important part of the PRO MINT & MED project. The Teaching and Learning department and the E-Learning department at the Centre for Teaching Development provide targeted offers and measures and support all members of Ulm University in their efforts to shape and further develop the teaching and learning processes.

For further information please see the webpages of the Teaching and Learning department and the E-Learning department.

Contact persons are Cornelia Estner and Tatjana Spaeth.

Preparatory measures

PRO MINT & MED is developing and expanding various preparatory measures in order to improve the orientation for new students, support them in the process of making informed study choices and prepare them for their studies at Ulm University.

For further information please see the orientation semester webpage.

Contact person is Gerold Brackenhofer.

Preparatory semester for prospective international students (language and regional/ socio-cultural classes)

Contact person is Grit Laske-Dünkler.

Preparatory course for master's programmes - Natural Sciences

Contact person is Gerold Brackenhofer.