Curricula MSc "Advanced Materials"

Two special subjects (focusses) exist in Master of Science program "Advanced Materials": "Nanomaterials" and "Biomaterials"

Curriculum/degree course scheme (download section on the right):

The degree course scheme provides a survey of courses and workload for the two focusses during the four semesters of the program.

Curriculum (PO 2015):

• Students choose focus "Nanomaterials" or "Biomaterials" at the end of examination period of 1. semester.
• During 1. semester all students will get an identical strong training in mathematics, natural sciences and materials sciences.
• Strengthened practical training (lab courses) during 2. and 3. semester of both branches to allow students to get familiar with independent lab work early and to improve students´orientation with respect to research done at Ulm University institutes when deciding on a master´s thesis project for 4. semester.

 PO = Prüfungsordnung = Study and Examination Regulations for "Advanced Materials"