Examination board Biochemistry

Please send all requests to the office of the eximationation board Biochemistry, to Ms. Theilacker:

Email: pa.biochemie(at)uni-ulm.de 

Phone: 0731-50-23931

Room: M 24 / 573

Please also hand in all BaföG and ERASMUS applications to Ms. Theilacker.

To following topics  you find further information on the linked webpages:

  1. Extension of the Bachelor or Master thesis
  2. Application for an external Bachelor thesis
  3. Application for an external Master thesis
  4. Forms for the recognition of external examinations
  5. Procedure in case of illness
  6. Request for a semester on leave

Here you find the subject-specific Study and Examination Regulations for the Bachelor's and Master's programme in Biochemistry as from 07.12.2017.

Here you find the General Provisions for Study and Examination Regulations regarding Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes at Ulm University (General Framework) as from 03.03.2010

Constitution of the examination board Biochemistry:

Chairwoman: Prof. Dr. A. Marchfelder
Vice-chairwoman: Prof. Dr. K. Leopold
Further members: Prof. Dr. N. Johnsson
  Prof. Dr. M. Fändrich
  Dr. C. Kranz
  Dr. C. Röcker
  Dr. A. Schwentner
Students of Biochemistry: E. Kärcher
  N. Kupfer
  C. Waibel



  • Biochemistry / Pharmaceutical and Industrial Biotechnology:
    Dr. Lena John
  • Room location: M24/574
  • Phone: +49-(0)731-50 22 38 4
  • Office hours by appointment*

Subject-related Study adviser for Teaching profession / International matters
Eva Keppner
Room location: M24/570
Phone: +49-(0)731-50 23 93 0
Office hours by appointment*

*: Please arrange appointments with Mrs. Theilacker (with your request)

  • Teaching profession Biology:
  • Prof. Dr. Christian Riedel
  • Room location: M23/2412
  • Phone: +49-(0)731-50 24 85 3
  • Fax: +49-(0)731-50 22 71 9
  • Office hours by appointment
  • Office Biology Study Committee:
  • Helga Theilacker
  • Room location: M24/573
  • Phone: +49-(0)731-50 23 93 1
  • Fax: +49-(0)731-50 23 93 2
  • Office hours: monday - friday 9 - 11 am