Extension of the Bachelor or Master thesis

Requests for extension of the Bachelor's or Master's thesis have to be submitted to the Examination Committee Biochemistry 2 weeks before the first deadline (please hand in the original to Mrs. Theilacker). Bachelor theses can be extended by 2 weeks and Master theses by 4 weeks, depending on the circumstances.

For theses that are delayed due to:

1. illness: if you wish to apply for an extension of the deadline due to illness, please have your doctor fill out the form for the certificate of examination incapacity and submit the original directly to the Office of Student Affairs without delay. A simple certificate of incapacity from the doctor is unfortunately not sufficient for an extension due to illness.
In this case, you do not need to submit another form to the Examination Committee. The deadline will then usually be extended until the date of the last day of sick leave.

2. other reasons: For deadline extensions for other reasons, please complete this form.

Requests for extensions of Bachelor's or Master's thesis deadlines must be submitted to the Biochemistry Examination Committee 2 weeks prior to the thesis deadline. Bachelor's theses can be extended by 2 weeks and Master's theses by 4 weeks, depending on the circumstances.

Send the completed application by email to helga.theilacker(at)uni-ulm.de.


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