Application for an external Bachelor or Master thesis

Bachelor- and Master theses in the study programmes Biology BSc and Biology MSc are considered as "external", when they are not accomplished in institutes of the Department of Biology or in institutes that are substantially involved in the study programme (list of these institues: see below).

External theses can be accomplished e.g. in researching companies, in institutes of other departments or faculties of Ulm University, in non-university research facilities or in institutes of other universities.

If you want to accomplish an external Bachelor or Master thesis, this has to be approved by the examination board Biology at least 2 weeks before the beginning of the thesis.

Therefore you have to file an application to the examination board Biology addressed to the chairman. The application has to contain your full address and a short description of the planned Bachelor or Master thesis, also listing the planned methods. You also have to state the institution where the Bachelor or Master thesis will be accomplished and the person who will be the supervisor on-site. This brief description can also be written by the potential supervisor as an attachment to the application.

The Bachelor or Master thesis has to be reviewed by a second reviewer of Ulm University (habilitated member of the Department of Biology). Therefore, you should already state in your application who will be your "internal" supervisor or reviewer.

Please send the application to Mrs. Theilacker via email.

Your application will be reviewed by the examination board. You will be informed about their decision as soon as possible.

Important criteria for the decision of the examination board:

  • an appropriate supervision has to be ensured,
  • the topic has to be "biological“,
  • the spectrum of methods also has to be biological and sufficient,
  • topics, that could also be accomplished in a similar way at Ulm University, should not be accomplished externally. If applicable, a cooperation or similar can be targeted.

Application for an external Master thesis for Biology students

List (not complete) of institutes, where theses can be accomplished without applying for an external theses. For Bachelor theses no second reviewer is necessary. For Master theses, the second reviewer has to be member of the Department of Biology.

Institutes of the Department of Biology

Institute of Human Genetics

Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology

Institutes and working groups that are part of the Neurocenter

  • Biochemistry / Pharmaceutical and Industrial Biotechnology:
    Dr. Lena John
  • Room location: M24/574
  • Phone: +49-(0)731-50 22 38 4
  • Office hours by appointment*

Subject-related Study adviser for Teaching profession / International matters
Eva Keppner
Room location: M24/570
Phone: +49-(0)731-50 23 93 0
Office hours by appointment*

*: Please arrange appointments with Mrs. Theilacker (with your request)

  • Teaching profession Biology:
  • Prof. Dr. Christian Riedel
  • Room location: M23/2412
  • Phone: +49-(0)731-50 24 85 3
  • Fax: +49-(0)731-50 22 71 9
  • Office hours by appointment
  • Office Biology Study Committee:
  • Helga Theilacker
  • Room location: M24/573
  • Phone: +49-(0)731-50 23 93 1
  • Fax: +49-(0)731-50 23 93 2
  • Office hours: monday - friday 9 - 11 am