Extension of the Bachelor or Master thesis

Requests for extension of the Bachelor- or Master thesis have to be presented 2 weeks before the initial deadline to the examination board Biology (please hand in to Ms. Windeck as original). Bachelor theses can be extended up to 2 weeks and Master theses up to 4 weeks.

Thesis extension necessity due to: 

1. emergency operation of Ulm University from March 19th and May 3rd, 2020: All theses are extended by the duration of this ermergency operation. 

2. restricted use of laboratories in phase 2 (since May 4th, 2020): an request for extension is necessary.

Please use this form for your request of extension. 

Please send your request of extension to Ms. Theilacker via e-mail (helga.theilacker(at)uni-ulm.de) as well as the original via snail mail. 

Frau H. Theilacker

Prüfungsausschuss Biologie

Universität Um

89069 Ulm