Student pilot Biology und Biochemistry

 - Dr. Andrea Wirmer

About me

I studied Biology and Neurosciences at the Georg-August-University in Göttingen. After my dissertation, I worked as a teacher for Science, Biology and Mathematics at a gymnasium for one year before I started my job as scientific assistant at the Institute for Neurobiology at the Ulm University.

Since December 2016, I am a student pilot for Biology and Biochemistry.

My function

As a student pilot I mediate between students and academics and offer support for students during phases of transition e.g. change from Bachelor into Master programs.

Besides, I am involved in organizational tasks within the orientation semester for prospective Bachelor students and will give lectures and practical trainings in a pre-masters course for biological study programs at the Ulm University.

My projects

I get involved with projects beneficial for students and academics. These should help students to master their everyday study life and reduce some of the workload of academics in teaching.

My projects

  • Common guide lines for protocol writing in practical courses

    Lab reports or protocols in biology are based on scientific articles concerning structure and format. The biological institutes agreed on common general rules. Guidelines for protocol writing can be found here.

  • Online course "Word für Protokolle und Abschlussarbeiten“

    This Moodle-course offers support to students writing reports, protocols and theses with Microsoft Word. It contains a forum for mutual exchange about problems with Word and many examples of use created by students. Students can login with the password “Wordfürmich”.

  • Seminar about scientific writing

    This seminar is intended for Bachelor and teaching students of Biology and Biochemistry. It is conducted by Dr. Christian Riedel, Dr. Marco Tschapka and me. In the seminar we teach the basics of scientific writing in a Bachelor or state examination thesis. The seminar is supplemented with a Moodle-course.

  • Advice in finding a Bachelor thesis

    I provide advice and support for students looking for a place to do their Bachelor thesis.

  • Guided tour of institutes

    In guided tours, the biological institutes of the Ulm University present themselves to Biology and Biochemistry students. During the tours, students get insight into the scientific work of professors, academic staff and postgraduates. They also get help in making a decision for their study focus and thesis topic.

  • Pre-courses for Bachelor and Master programs

    In summer 2017 the Ulm University offers pre-courses for orientation and preparation for Bachelor and Master students. High-school graduates get an introduction to a student’s life in an orientation semester, students with a Bachelor degree will get prepared for the challenges of a Master study program in the Pre-Master's Course.

Further useful proposals

  • "Prospects in the Biosciences"

    The seminar introduces career choices for students of the life sciences. Professionals with scientific background from various areas report about their job for example in industry or conservation. The seminar is very interesting especially for students about to finish their study program or to choose their focus of study.

  • Student assistant training

    The Hochschuldidaktik of the Ulm University in collaboration with Dr. Karin Hollricher (Molecular Botany) offers training for student assistants in the practical courses of the biological study programs. Student assistants learn how to motivate course participants, how typical scientific experiments are performed and how to correct lab reports.