Seminar "Prospects in the Biosciences"

The seminar "Prospects in the Biosciences" is directed to Bachelor and Master Students as well as PhD students. Rather unknown job areas in bioscience and life science are introduced to provide an orientation for the career start. Some of the speakers are alumni of Ulm University and inform about their career.

In the winter semester there will also be job application training and a presentation about "Financial planning for the career start". 
The seminary is on Wednesdays at 17:00 in room H9 and each presentation is approximately 45 minutes long unless announced otherwise. 

In case of participating 12 or more times a certificate with 3 ECTS can be issued. 




Biology & Biochemistry:
Dr. Philipp von Wrangell
Room: M24/570
Tel.: **49-(0)731-50 23 93 0
Fax: **49-(0)731-50 23 93 2
Office hours by arrangement

Lehramt Biology:
PD Dr. Christian Riedel

Room: M23/2412
Tel.: **49-(0)731-50 24 85 3
Fax: **49-(0)731-50 22 71 9
Office hours by arrangement

Pharmaceutical and industrial biotechnology:
Dr. Lena John
Room: M24/574
Tel.: **49-(0)731-50 22 38 4
Fax: **49-(0)731-50 23 93 2
Office hours by arrangement

Biological Colloquium