Thesis offers for students of Biology, Biochemistry, PBT, IBT and Biology teacher education

On this page the institutes of Ulm University can advertise theses (Bachelor, Master and "Zulassungsarbeiten") for students of Biology, Biochemistry, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Industrial Biotechnology and Biology teacher education.

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- Institute / Working group
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- offered to: (Biology BSc. or MSc. / teacher education / Biochemistry BSc. or MSc. / PBT MSc.)
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Please note: Theses without a previous application to the examination board can only be accomplished, if the concerned institute is involved in the respective study path. Alternatively, an application for an external thesis has to be filed. Informations: for Biology and for Biochemistry.

Biochemie / Biologie / PBT / IBT

Ulmer Zentrum für Peptidpharmazeutika

Topic: Probiotics used against neurodegenerative diseases as the Alzheimer's diesease.
For: Biology MSc, Biochemistry MSc, PBT MSc, IBT MSc
Contact: Dr. Frank Rosenau 
Further Information here.


Bio I: Institute for Comparative Molecular Endocrinology

Working group: Tuckermann
Topic: Cell type specific actions of glucocorticoid receptor and novel regulators of bone homeostasis in transgenic mouse models of inflammation, inflammatory bone diseases, and bone tumors.
Offered for: Master students
Contact person: Prof. Dr. Jan Tuckermann jan.tuckermann(at)
Further information about the lab

Working group: Spasic
Topic: Regulation of cellular and systemic iron homeostasis, Iron-deficiency and iron-overload disorders, Macrophages and Inflammation
Contact person: Maja Vujic Spasic, PhD (Head of Metabolic Disorder Group), email: maja.vujic(at)
Offered for: Biology MSc., Biochemistry MSc.


Bio II: Institute of Molecular Botany

Working group: Binder

Topic: RNA metabolisms in the mitochondria of plants, development and application of CRISPR-Cas–Systems in plants.
Offered for: Biology BSc. MSc. / Teacher education / Biochemistry BSc. MSc.
Contact person: Prof. Dr. Stefan Binder (

Working group: Marchfelder
Topic: RNA metabolism in archeae: function of small regulatory RNAs, prokaryotic immune system (CRISPR-Cas), investigation of ribonucleases
Offered for: Biology BSc. MSc. / Teacher education / Biochemistry BSc. MSc.
Contact person: 
Prof. Dr. Anita Marchfelder

Working group: Takenaka
Topic: RNA editing in plants
Offered for: Biology BSc. + MSc. / Biochemistry BSc. + MSc.
Contact person: PD Dr. Mizuki Takenaka
Further information:

Bio III: Institute of Evolutionary Ecology and Conservation Genomics

Topics: Evolutionary Ecology (with the sections population ecology, Sociobiology, Behavioral Ecology, Sensory Ecology, Behavioral Physiology), Conservation Genomics, Chemical Ecology, Tropical Ecology
Offered for: Biology BSc. & MSc., Biochemistry MSc., Teacher education
Contact persons: Prof. Dr. S. Sommer (simone.sommer(at), Prof. Dr. M. Ayasse (manfred.ayasse(at), apl Prof. Dr. M. Tschapka (marco.tschapka(at) and co-workers.

Bio IV: Institute of Neurobiology

Offers for: Biology Diploma, MSc., BSc., Teacher education, possibly also for Biochemie Diploma, MSc., BSc.
Topics and contact persons: List with detailed descriptions.

Bio V: Institute of Systematic Botany and Ecology

Offers for: Biology Diploma, MSc., BSc.
Contact persons: Prof. M. Kazda, Jun. Prof. S. Jansen
Systematic Botany and Ecology

Bio VI: Institute of Microbiology and Biotechnology


Bio VII: Institute of Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology

Offers for: Biology BSc.+ MSc. Biochemistry BSc.+ MSc.
Topics: Yeast Genetics, Cell Biology, Protein Biochemistry
Contact persons: Dr. Thomas  Gronemeyer, Prof. Dr. Nils Johnsson
Information about our working group and current offers for theses can be found on our homepage at "Open positions / thesis" or at the contact persons:

Bio VIII: Institute of Protein Biochemistry

Bachelor theses

The Institute of Protein Biochemistry (working group Prof. Dr. Fändrich) 

The research of our Institute is focused on the molecular basis of protein misfolding diseases, such as Alzheimer's disease, systemic AL and AA amyloidosis.


  • Recombinant expression, purification and modification of proteins
  • Electron microscopy
  • Protein biochemistry
  • Spektroscopic analysis of structures 

Master Thesis

Dear Master students,

The Institute of Protein Biochemistry offers places for final year Master’s projects (Master Thesis) starting in 2017.

The research of our Institute is focused on protein biochemistry and the molecular basis of protein misfolding diseases, such as Alzheimer's disease, systemic AL and AA amyloidosis. Possible projects could be on structure determination with electron cryo microscopy, cellular mechanisms of amyloid fibril formation, protein expression, purification and modification, spectroscopic analysis of protein states.

Relevant students should have a background in either Biochemistry, Biophysics, Molecular Medicine, Biology, Chemistry, Molecular and Translational Neuroscience or Pharmaceutical Biotechnology.


Applications should be directed to Prof. Dr. Marcus Fändrich (marcus.faendrich(at) and consist of: c.v., transcript of records (Bachelor and Master). Please combine all documents in one attachment of not more than 5 MB.

Web page: