Physics Colloquium SS 2019

Time: Monday, 16:15
Location: N24 / lecture hall H13

Coffee and tea for the colloquium's guests at 16:00 in front of the lecture hall.

DateSpeaker / TopicHost


Prof. Olga Smirnova (Max Born Institute, Berlin):
Synthetic chiral light for extremely efficient laser-controlled chiral discrimination ...more

Prof. Ankerhold
06.05.2019 Prof. Christian Jooß (Georg-Augustus-Universität, Göttingen):
In situ TEM and x-ray spectroscopy studies of perovskite oxide electrodes for electrochemical water oxidation ...more
Prof. Kaiser
13.05.2019Prof. Robin Kaiser (Institut de Physique de Nice, France):
Coherent Light scattering by cold atoms:from Anderson to Dicke and back ...more
Prof. Efremov Prof. Schleich
20.05.2019Dr. Urs Dürig (SwissLitho, Switzerland):
Thermal Scanning Probe Lithography: Expanding the nanofabrication horizon in nano science ...more
Prof. Marti
27.05.2019Prof. Matthias Rief (TU München):
Mechanics of Single Protein Molecules
Prof. Gebhardt

Prof. Benjamin Huard (ENS de Lyon, France):
Backaction of quantum measurements in superconducting circuits ...more

Prof. Ankerhold
10.06.2019Whit Monday (Pfingstmontag)
24.06.2019Prof. Michael Vollmer (Technische Hochschule Brandenburg):
IR Imaging: teaching, research and applications ...more
Prof. Reineker
01.07.2019Prof. Harald Fritzsch (LMU, München):
History of Quantum Chromodynamics ...more   
Prof. Schleich
08.07.2019Prof. Erik Gauger (Heriot-Watt University, United Kingdom):
Harnessing non-equilibrium effects in bio-inspired and engineered quantum networks ...more
Prof. Plenio
15.07.2019 Prof. Jose D'Incao (NIST and University of Colorado, USA:
A few-body perspective of ultracold quantum matter ...more
Prof. Hecker Denschlag
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