The current list of lectures and events can be found in the Higher Education Services Portal, where it is also possible to customize a personalized timetable.

Past Semesters

The WS 20/21 will start with online teaching and only the labs will be in attendance.  The timetables contain information on whether lectures will be carried out online synchronously or asynchronously. However, what the teachers indicate in the Moodle courses accompanying the lectures is decisive.

Physik B.Sc. | Physics M.Sc.

Biophysics M.Sc.

Wirtschaftsphysik B.Sc. | Wirtschaftsphysik M.Sc. 

Advanced Materials M. Sc.

Lehramt Mathematik/Physik | Informatik/Physik | NWT/Physik


Gerold Brackenhofer
Physics Academic Affairs Commitee
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Phone: 0731/50-22953
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