Scientific Staff

Dr. Manuel Rodrigues Goncalves

Plasmonics, Near Field Optics, Raman, Colloids



Dr. Daniel Geiger

The project CellMOUSE (Cellular Micro Optical Universal Sensing Equipment) aims to develop a novel versatile optical detection device. Its primary use case is the detection and measurement of different particles (e.g. suspended cells) at high speed and throughput of several thousand particles per second. Additionally, the whole analysis is done in real-time so that sorting applications are feasible. The device consists of an optical sensor and a FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) that is used for control and analysis. My responsibilities in this project are the coordination of the hard and software development as well as the development of new concepts for data analysis.



Dr. Tobias Neckernuß

Development of a new method for optical high-speed particle detection named CellMOUSE (Cellular Micro Optical Universal Sensing Equipment) that is capable of detecting and analyzing various kind of particles and suspended cells. The most important parameters like size, shape, morphology but also the mechanical properties of the cells can be determined in real-time. My work focusses on the fields of optics, microfluidics, data analysis and experimental methods.


Alexander Janik

At our institute there is an optical setup capable of determining the mechanical properties of adherent cells. A laser is deployed to stretch a cell in beam direction. The deformation is detected and yields information about its viscoelastic properties, which are crucial for the functionality of various cell types. I am working on automating the measurement and data evaluation routines and modifying the microscope setup. Thereafter I am planning to apply the new technique, preferably in collaboration with groups from e.g. the medicine department.

Jonas Pfeil

Jonas researches zytoscelettal filaments and cell-cell-contacts of lung epithel cell with optical and magnetic force measurements. For this he uses active and passive microrheology in an optical trap with fluorecent marked knockout cells and polystyrene beads. He measures the force and the youngs and shear modules of the cell integrines with a high speed camera and particle tracking.




Ralf Schuster

Ralf berechnet die mechanischen Eigenschaften von Zellen und Zytosskeletten mit FEM

Master Students

Ruben Rose






Tamara Stadter

Office: N25/5208

Phone: 0731 50 23010

Fax: 0731 50 23036

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Technical Staff

Maria Hammer

Maria takes measurements with the Raman Microscopy and is responsible for the electronic workshop

Ulla Nolte

Ulla is an expert in all questions regarding cell culture and cell manipulation.

Karolina Zeh

Karolina is our technician for the chemistry lab