Dr. Manuel Rodrigues Goncalves

Plasmonics, Near Field Optics, Raman, Colloids


Daniel Geiger

Daniel investigates the behaviour of migrating cells on microstructured substrates. They are based on photoreactive polymers that change during light exposure. Therefore, the surface properties are changed locally. The main goal of the work is deeper understanding of the interplay between substrate and cell duringe migration.

Tobias Neckernuß

Tobias builds up a new device, a so called optical adherent cell stretcher. To this end he tries to adopt the principle of a conventional optical stretcher to develop a setup which allows both, to stretch adherent cell with laser light and to investigate the deformation via a microscope.

Jonas Pfeil

Jonas researches zytoscelettal filaments and cell-cell-contacts of lung epithel cell with optical and magnetic force measurements. For this he uses active and passive microrheology in an optical trap with fluorecent marked knockout cells and polystyrene beads. He measures the force and the youngs and shear modules of the cell integrines with a high speed camera and particle tracking.




Ralf Schuster

Ralf berechnet die mechanischen Eigenschaften von Zellen und Zytosskeletten mit FEM

Felix Senf


Felix will find out the dependence between surface properties and sealing attributes for sealing products.

Master Students

Lilian Weißer





Technical Staff

Maria Hammer

Maria takes measurements with the Raman Microscopy and is responsible for the electronic workshop

Ulla Nolte

Ulla is an expert in all questions regarding cell culture and cell manipulation.

Markus Wengert

Markus takes measurements with the Mulitmode and is responsible for the chemistry lab.