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Ultratrace analysis
Infrared sensors & spectroscopy
Molecular recognition
Multifunctional scanning probes

Our cross-disciplinary research program is focused to the development and application of innovative (micro- and nano)analytical platforms providing advanced methods and technologies in sensing, diagnostics, and imaging of complex molecular processes relevant to environmental, industrial, and medical/biological applications.

Furthermore, the IABC operates the Focused Ion Beam Center UUlm, an interdisciplinary facility for micro- and nanofabrication and –characterization. 

CALL FOR MASTER THESIS OR PROJECT WORK: Mycotoxin analysis from cereals
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June 2022: Andrea Teuber recieves the Young Researcher Award for her contribution "Fundamental and applicative research in laser-material interactions" at the EMRS Spring 2022 Meeting (online). Congratulations Andrea!

May 2022: Krishnaveni Palanisamy recieves the 3. poster prize at the BACCARA Power Day 2022. Congratulations Krishnaveni!

January 2022: We are delighted to welcome our new secretary - Ms. Monja Claus - starting 1.1.2022 at IABC. Monja can be reached Monday-Wednesday 8:00-13:00, and Thursday-Friday 8:00-16:00 at her office (N26/322), via Monja.Claus(at) or by phone +49-731-50-22751. Welcome to the IABC Team, Monja!

Dezember 2021: The paper by E. Oswald, et al. entitled "Cobaloxime Complex Salts: Synthesis, Patterning on Carbon Nanomembranes and Heterogeneous Hydrogen Evolution Studies" has been elected to decorate the cover of Chemistry A European Journal. Congratulations to the team!

November 2021: The paper by S. Daboss, et al. entitled "The potential of scanning electrochemical probe microscopy and scanning droplet cells in battery research" has been elected as review of the week by Chemistry Europe. Congratulations to the team!

November 2021: Diellza Bajrami was selected as one of the winners of the "Young Investigator Training Program (YITP) 2019" from the Center of Colloid and Surface Science. Congratulations Diellza!

September 2021: Giada Canigla recieves the Graduate Student Award for her outstanding contribution "Characterization of polydopamine thin films and their antibacterial properties studied with scanning probes microscopy" at the E-MRS 2021 Fall Meeting (online). Congratulations Giada!

July 2021: The IABC congratulates Dominic Brucker for his successful PhD defense!

July 2021: The IABC congratulates Anja Brandt for her successful PhD defense!

June 2021: The IABC congratulates Anna Mutschler for her successful PhD defense!

June 2021: The IABC congratulates Robert Stach for his successful PhD defense!

April 2021: The IABC congratulates Maria Schlathauer for her successful PhD defense!

April 2021: Due to the Corona-Pandemic Institute Meetings are still held online. Such as on 01.04.2021 (image on the right).

March 2021: Hahn-Schickard apppoints Prof. B. Mizaikoff as new Institute Director: Strategic cooperation with Ulm University planned.

March 2021: Second report published. The reports of the Expert Committee on Aerosols concerned with airborne SARS-CoV-2 infection pathways can now be followed on a dedicated homepage of the Ministry for Science, Research and Arts Baden-Württemberg: Expertenkreis Aerosole.

March 2021: Significant progress on the development of MIRACLE device!

February 2021: The Master Graduate Award 2020 of the department for Analytical Chemistry of the GDCh goes to the IABC: Dominik Blaimer. Congratulations!

January 2021: IABC contributes to “W wie Wissen” at ARD (German TV): "Corona-Spürhunde: Diagnose frei Schnauze".

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