Am 04.05.2020 wurden die Maßnahmen zur Corona-Prävention gelockert: Der Notbetrieb ist beendet und das IABC geht in die Stufe 2 über (reduzierter Forschungsbetrieb). Weitere Informationen erhalten sie hier.

Die Lehre im SoSe wird bis auf Weiteres ohne Präsenzveranstaltungen stattfinden. Weitere Informationen erhalten Sie im Bereich Lehre:

Ultratrace analysis
Infrared sensors & spectroscopy
Molecular recognition
Multifunctional scanning probes

Our cross-disciplinary research program is focused to the development and application of innovative (micro- and nano)analytical platforms providing advanced methods and technologies in sensing, diagnostics, and imaging of complex molecular processes relevant to environmental, industrial, and medical/biological applications.

Furthermore, the IABC operates the Focused Ion Beam Center UUlm, an interdisciplinary facility for micro- and nanofabrication and –characterization. 


July 2020: IABC researchers featured in a SWR TV contribution about diabetes sniffing dogs on their research in the field of exhaled breath diagnostics via IR (from minute 4:30 on)

June 2020: The IABC congratulates Sven Daboss for his successful PhD defense!

April 2020: The IABC congratulates Julian Haas for his successful PhD defense!

February 2020: The IABC congratulates Xiaofeng Wang for his successful PhD defense!

Dezember 2019: The IABC congratulates Tamina Hagemann for her successful PhD defense!

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