Service Center Elemental Analysis

Elementary Service Center offers following services:



Appliance:Elementar vario MICRO cube
Detectable elements:C, H, N, S
Applicable Samples:solid and fluid
Sample amount:< 1-20 mg
Dynamic range:mg/kg – 100% (Absolute detection limit: 7 mg C, 2 mg N)
Multipoint calibration, stable for several month and matrix independent


Appliance:Ultima 2: Horiba Jovin Yvon
Detectable elements:Almost all elements excluding H, noble gases, F, Tc, Po, At, Fr, Ra, Pm, Ac, Pa, Np to Es
Applicable samples:Clear liquids
Sample amount:per Element 3 - 5 mL
Resolution:5 pm at 160-320 nm and 10 pm at 320-800 nm
Detection limits:in the low µg L-1 range 
Nitrogen rinsing for measurement of absorption lines below 190 nm available

Microwave assisted digestion

Appliance:Multiwave 3000 von Anton Paar
Applicable samples:Quarz glass or PTFE-TFM vessels available
Solids, liquids, oils
Sample amount:approx. 100 mg; max. filling volume 50 mL of reagents
Digestion of almost every sample
8 samples simultaneously
Fast and secure sample handling