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December 2016:  Gesundheitsindustrie BW: Smarte Ulmer Messtechnologie kann nicht nur Atemgas analysieren (13.12.2016)

December 2016: We congratulate Peter Knittel for his successful PhD defense!

December 2016: We congratulate Thomas Schädle for his successful PhD defense!

December 2016: We congratulate Bettine Pluhar for his successful PhD defense!

November 2016: We congratulate Nadine Feichtmeier for his successful PhD defense!

Oktober 2016: Tamina Schneider has been awarded a scholarship by the DAAD for further study and training for six month in the USA. Congratulation Tamina!

Oktober 2016: We congratulate Elizabeth Ndunda for his successful PhD defense!

September 2016: Einatmen, ausatmen – die Diagnose steht.

August 2016: Analyst Blog: What we do in the shadows…

August 2016: The latest research of IABC (M. Schwenk et al., "In situ monitoring of additives during CO2 gas hydrate formation", Analytical Methods, 2016, DOI: 10.1039/C6AY00733C) featured on the Cover of Analytical Methods! Manuscirpt is available via OPEN ACCESS.

Juli 2016: Anja Brandt receives the JAAS Poster Award at the ISEAC 39 (International Conference Series on Environmental and Food Monitoring) in Hamburg. Congratulation Anja!

Juli 2016: Podcast of Interview Boris Mizaikoff with Antonella Mazur, Analytical Chemistry on the feature articlel "Toward On-Chip Mid-Infrared Sensors" (M. Sieger, B. Mizaikoff).

Juni 2016: PULMOSENS - Ulmer GraduiertenkollegDFG is now supporting a new interdisciplinary Graduate School (Graduiertenkolleg) for Pulmonary Research.

Juni 2016: Ulm University research group wins prestigious Royal Society of Chemistry Prize. A group of researchers from Ulm University has won second prize in the health & wellbeing category of the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Emerging Technologies Competition 2016.

March 2016: Ángela López Lorente receives Applied Spectroscopy Society (Spain) prize to Doctoral Thesis. Congratulations! Each year the Applied Spectroscopy Society from Spain grants a prize to the best doctoral thesis in the field of spectroscopy. Ángela López Lorente has received the prize in the last call, concerning her outstanding thesis defended in 2013-2014, titled: “Analytical Contributions to the Characterization and Determination of Nanoparticles” performed at the University of Córdoba, Spain.

Februar 2016: Ángela López Lorente receives Jacobo Cárdenas Prize from the University of Córdoba. Congratulations! The Jacobo Cárdenas prize is awarded to the best Experimental Sciences works performed at the University of Córdoba (Spain), published within the last two years and carried out by researchers less than 35 years old. Ángela López Lorente obtained this year prize 2015 because of her excelent work ‘Sequential Preconcentration and on-Membrane Raman Determination of Carboxylic Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes in River Water Samples’, published in Analytical Chemistry (DOI:10.1021/ac402256p).

Februar 2016: Kerstin Leopold has been awarded the Mileva Einstein-Maric Price for her outstanding involvement in the fields of Research, Teaching and University Self-Administration and at the same time reconciling her work with family life. Congratulations!

Januar 2016: Like visionary scientists, there are visionary musicians - today, we lost one of them! Farewell, Ziggy Stardust!

Januar 2016: The latest research of IABC (B. Pluhar, B. Mizaikoff, "Advanced Evaluation Strategies for Protein-Imprinted Polymer Nanobeads", Macromolecular Bioscience, 2015, 15, 1507) featured on the cover of Macromolecular Bioscience!


Oktober 2015: 

We congratulate Alexander Eifert for his successful PhD defense!

Oktober 2015: 

Angelika Holzinger obtained the second place poster award at the 8th SECM workshop in Xiamen, China. Congratulations Angelika!

September 2015: 

The latest research of IABC (E. N. Ndunda, B. Mizaikoff, "Multi-walled carbon nanotubes: innovative sorbents for pre-concentration of polychlorinated biphenyls in aqueous environments", Analytical Methods, 2015, 7, 8034) featured on the cover of Analytical methods!

July 2015: 

IABC congratulates Roland Schindl on his successful Ph.D. defense!

June 2015: 

Felicia Seichter receives one Best Poster Award in the field of Applied Chemometrics at the XV Chemometrics in Analytical Chemistry in Changsha/China. Congratulation Felicia!

June 2015: 

Maria Schlathauer was awarded  a 3-year doctoral grant from the Deutschen Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU). Her subject is the  "Development of Test Stripes with catalytic active Nano Gold Layers for the identification of Mercury Traces with Atom Fluorescence Spectrometry and Plasmon Resonanz Spectrometry". Congratulation Maria!

January 2015: 

The latest research of IABC (V. Kokoric, A. Wilk, B. Mizaikoff, "iPRECON: an integrated preconcentrator for the enrichment of volatile organics in exhaled breath", Analytical Methods, 2015, 7, 3664) featured on the cover of Analytical methods!

May 2015: 

Prof. Dr. Thomas Welsch receives the MARCEL GOLAY AWARD in Texas. Congratulation!

March 2015: 

Katharina Wörle receives the 3. Poster Award at the CANAS 2015 in Leipzig. Congratulation Katharina!

January 2015: 

Kerstin Leopold has been elected to the board of "Deutschen Arbeitskreis für Analytische Spektroskopie" (DAAS) of GDCh. She will chair the jury for the Bunsen-Kirchhoff-Award.

January 2015: 

The latest research of IABC (H.-Q. Yu, B. Mizaikoff et al., "Probing the secondary structure of bovine serum albumin during heat-induced denaturation using mid-infrared fiberoptic sensors", Analyst, 2015, 140, 765) featured on the cover of Analyst!

November 2014: 

Newsletter of the Section Analytical Chemistry, GDCh (PDF)
Further information on the web page "GDCh, Section Analytical Chemistry"

July 2014: 

Nadine Feichtmeier receives the Roland W. Frei Best Poster Award at the "38th International Symposium on Environmental Analytical Chemistry" (ISEAC38) in Lausanne. Congratulation Nadine!

June 2014: 

The latest research of IABC (A. Eifert, C. Kranz*, "Hyphenating Atomic Force Microscopy", Anal. Chem, 2014, 86, 5190) featured on the cover of Analytical Chemistry! 

May 2014:  

Peter Knittel is one of the awardees of the  Dr. Barbara Mez-Starck Foundation (Freiburg) for the best master graduates in the "chemistry" and "chemistry and management" programs at the University of Ulm. Congratulations Peter!

April 2014:  

April 7 -8, 2014  Prof. K. Leopold and co-workers are organizing the 14. Edelmetallforum 2014 - Analytik, Toxikologie & Umwelt. For  detailed information go to here.

March 2014:  

The board of "Analytical Chemistry" of the German Chemical Society (GDCh) nominates Prof. B. Mizaikoff in 2014 as Fresenius-Lecturer.

March 2014:  

New EU-project at IABC: EU-project SCHeMA. 
See more:

March 2014:  

New EU-project at IABC: EU-project MYCOSPEC. 
See more: 
Interview at Regio-TV concerning the EU-project MYCOSPEC: Using quantum cascade lasers for the detection of mycotoxins in food and feed: Regio-TV

February 2014:  

IABC congratulates Cornelia Weber on her successful Ph.D. defense!

February 2014:  

IABC congratulates Dr. C. Kranz on her habilitation!

August 2013:  

Jessica Huber receives the Best "Water Poster Presentation Runner up" at the 11th International Conference on Mercury as a Global Pollutant in Edinburgh (July, 28 - August, 2, 2013). The award is given by the Water Science Forum, (Royal Society of Chemistry). Congratulations Jessica!

June 2013:  

The research focus of Prof. K. Leopold "Environmental trace analysis" was recently featured in a communication of "Fachgruppe Umweltchemie und Ökotoxikologie der GdCh": article.

May 2013:  

Prof. B. Mizaikoff is appointed as Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

March 2013:

IABC congratulates Florian Meier on his successful Ph.D. defense!

March 2013:

The latest research of IABC (M. Sieger et al., "On-Chip Integrated Mid-Infrared GaAs/AlGaAs Mach–Zehnder Interferometer", Anal. Chem., 2013, 85 (6), 3050) featured on the cover of Analytical Chemistry (Editor's Highlight)!

February 2013:

The latest research of IABC (R. Lu et al., "IR-ATR Chemical Sensors Based on Planar Silver Halide Waveguides Coated with an Ethylene/Propylene Copolymer for Detection of Multiple Organic Contaminants in Water", Angew. Chem. Int. Ed, 2013, 125 (8), 2183) on the cover of Angewandte Chemie!

January 2013:

Das IABC gratuliert Elena Hecht zur erfolgreichen Promotion!

October 2012: 

Triennial graduation scholarship awarded to Katharina Wörle.

October 2012:

6-month Fulbright stipend awarded to Bettina Pluhar.

December 2012:

Stefan Zink has received a 6 month DAAD-Fellowship for a research stay in the group of Prof. Douglas Galvao at the University of Campinas (UNICAMP) in Brazil on the topic "Modeling of molecularly imprinted polymers".

Februar 2011: 

Prof. Dr. Kerstin Leopold accepted the position as Professur for Analytical Chemistry  (successor Prof. Welsch) at the University of Ulm.

August 2010:

Highlights in Chemical Technology (RSC Publishing) talks with B. Mizaikoff about the "perfect sensor"
Further reading: This interview (englisch) (PDF) and Highlights in Chemical Technology online

March 2010:

Prof. Mizaikoff is the recipient of the 2010 Craver Award
The Coblentz Society. is pleased to announce that Dr. Boris Mizaikoff, Chaired Professor of the Institute of Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, University of Ulm, Germany has been selected as the recipient of the 2010 Craver Award.  In 2006, The Coblentz Society created an award to recognize the efforts of young professional spectroscopists that have made significant contributions in applied analytical vibrational spectroscopy.  The Society has named this award for Clara D. Craver in recognition of her pioneering efforts in promoting the practice of infrared vibrational spectroscopy and her many years of service to the Coblentz Society.  Further, the Craver Award is the Society’s complement of its prestigious 'Coblentz Award' that recognizes young spectroscopists for efforts in fundamental aspects of vibrational spectroscopy.  This award is presented to Professor Mizaikoff in recognition of his recent work in the development, miniaturization, and application of mid-infrared optical chemo-biosensors, and for opening up new frontiers in nano-sensing technologies.
Further reading: Press release (english) (PDF), press release (german) (PDF) und online (Informationsdienst Wissenschaft, idw)


January 2010:

Prof. Mizaikoff appointed European Editor of Analyst (Royal Society of Chemistry - RSC)
Analyst and RSC Publishing are pleased to have this opportunity to introduce our Editorial Board. Steven Soper, Louisiana State University, who joined the Board during 2008, takes over as Associate Editor for the Americas. Xinrong Zhang, Tsinghua Univerisity, joins the Board as Associate Editor for Asia, while Boris Mizaikoff, University of Ulm, takes up the position of Associate Editor for Europe. Duncan Graham, Strathclyde University, continues to have responsibility for review articles as Associate Editor, Reviews.
Analyst (Impact Factor: 3.761) is among the highest ranked international Journals for Analytical Chemistry. "This position increases the visibility of the University of Ulm in this discipline, and is certainly contributing to our international presence", is the born Viennese convinced, following a transition from the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta-USA to the University of Ulm in fall 2007.
Further reading:   Editorial - Analyst 2010, 135, 15-17.

March 2010:

Retirement of Dr. Reuter
Beginning of March 2010, our colleague Dr. Ulrich Reuter will enjoy his well-deserved retirement. The iABC would like to convey sincerest thanks for his contributions to the organization and administration at the iABC, and in particular for his commitment to teaching and education. Our best wishes for a pleasurable retirement, and we hope that you will remain connected to the iABC for many years to come!

September 2009:

Retirement of Prof. Welsch
With end of September 2009, our colleague Prof. Dr. Thomas Welsch will enjoy his well-deserved retirement. We celebrate his farewell with a scientific colloquium on October 9, 2009 starting at 2:30 pm. The scientific program and details of the event can be found here (PDF, German). We look forward to many attendees!The IABC would like to convey sincerest thanks for his personal and scientific contributions to the distinguished position of the IABC. Our best wishes for a pleasurable retirement, and we hope that you will remain connected to the IABC for many years to come!

September 2009:

Prof. Mizaikoff receives Robert Kellner Lecture Award
Prof. Dr. Boris Mizaikoff has received the Robert Kellner Lecture Award at EUROANALYSIS XV, which is bestowed by the Division of Analytical Chemistry of the European Association for Chemical and Molecular Sciences.

"This award shall distinguish a person who has made a substantial contribution to the advancement of Analytical Chemistry in research or education."

September 2009:

ASCOS 2009
IABC students Andreas Wilk and Xiaofeng Wang have successfully participated in the Advanced Study Course on Optical Chemical Sensors - ASCOS 2009 (englisch). In the final competition of the scientific groupworks and -presentations (solving a (bio)analytical problem with sensor technologies) the team around Xiafeng Wang has scored the first place; the team around Andreas Wilk has scored the second place. Congratulations!

Mai 2009:

Dr. Reuter celebrates 40 years in civil service
The department cordially compliments Mr. Reuter on his 40-year-anniversary in civil service. Congratulations!