Nanocatalysis and Femtochemistry - Open Positions

Internships for Students
University students, but also High School students are encouraged to contact our laboratory for internship and undergraduate laboratory experiment opportunities.

Undergraduate Student Positions
Bachelor theses
opportunities in our laboratory:

- "Femtosecond-laser spectroscopy of metal oxide surfaces"
- "Scanning tunneling microscopy and photochemistry of graphene supported metal clusters"
- "Measurement of ultrafast laser pulses in the time- and frequency-domain"
- "Time-of-flight mass spectrometry"
- "Electrospray mass spectrometry"
- "Ion trap mass spectrometry and gas phase reaction kinetics"

Diploma and Master theses are available in our laboratory:
- "Catalysis in a trap: Femtochemistry with levitated metal-organic cluster complexes"
     (download pdf)
- "Landau damping in ultra-thin magnesium oxide films" (download pdf)
- "Laserpulsformung mit einer computer-gesteuerten Flüssigkristallmaske zur Steuerung
     photochemischer Reaktionen" (download pdf)

Graduate Student Positions
Please ask for oppotunities to write a Doctoral Thesis in our laboratory.

Post-Doc Positions
Please feel free to contact us for current Post-Doc opportunities.



  • "Katalyse in der Falle: Femtochemie mit levitierten metall-organischen Cluster-Komplexen"
  • "Landau-Dämpfung in ultradünnen Magnesiumoxid-Filmen"
  • "Molecular reaction dynamics on oxide surfaces"
  • "Photoinduced properties of graphene supported metal clusters"