Lecture Colloid Chemistry

Lecture on monday, 12:15-14:00 in O25/346, start on October, 15, 2018.




History of colloidal science

Classification of colloidal systems, Aims (transparencies)

DLVO theory

Steric stabilization

Surfactants, chemical structures

Determination of interfacial/surface tension, various surface tensions

Washing process, chemical structures, foams

Macro-, micro-, miniemulsions, PIT technology

Particle synthesis

Investigation methods of colloidal systems, DLS, Microscopies


Recommended literature for background reading:

H.-D. Dörfler, Grenzflächen und kolloid-disperse Systeme, Springer (library: QD 549/2002 D)

Jacob N. Israelachvili, Intermolecular and surface forces, London: Academic Press, 1998 (QC 173.4/1998 I)

J. C. Berg, An Introduction to Interfaces and Colloids, Singapore: World Scientific, 2010 (QC 173.4/2010 B)






The exam for the summer term 2016 will take place in H7 on February, 21st, 10-12 am.