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M. Xu, J. T. Stockburger, G. Kurizki and J. Ankerhold 
Minimal quantum thermal machine in a bandgap environment: non-Markovian features and anti-Zeno advantage,
New J. Phys. 24 035003 (2022).

D. Maile, J. Ankerhold, S. Andergassen, W. Belzig, G. Rastelli, 
Engineering the speedup of quantum tunneling in Josephson systems via dissipation
arXiv:2203.08705 (2022)

M. Xu, Y. Yan, Q. Shi, J. Ankerhold, J. T. Stockburger,
Taming quantum noise for efficient low temperature simulations of open quantum systems 
arXiv:2202.04059 (2022)

B. Donvil and J. Ankerhold,
Apparent Heating due to Imperfect Calorimetric Measurements, J. Math. Phys. A, to appear

G. C. Ménard, A. Peugeot, C. Padurariu, C. Rolland, B. Kubala, Y. Mukharsky, Z. Iftikhar, C. Altimiras, P. Roche, H. le Sueur, P. Joyez, D. Vion, D. Esteve, J. Ankerhold, and F. Portier,
Emission of Photon Multiplets by a dc-Biased Superconducting Circuit
Phys. Rev. X 12, 021006 (2022)

Feature article in Physics: Multiphoton Generator on a Chip, 
Physics 15, 52 (2022)



Meng Xu, J. Stockburger, J. Ankerhold, 
Heat transport through a superconducting artificial atom,
Phys. Rev. B 103, 104304 (2021).

A. Peugeot, S. Dambach, M. Westig, B. Kubala, Y. Mukharsky, C. Altimiras, H. le
Sueur, P. Joyez, D. Vion, P. Roche, D. Esteve, J. Ankerhold, F. Portier,
Generating Two Continuous Entangled Microwave Beams Using a dc-Biased Josephson Junction,
Phys. Rev X 11,031008 (2021).

M. Wiedmann, J. Stockburger, J. Ankerhold,
Non-Markovian quantum Otto refrigerator,
Eur. Phys. J. Spec. Top. 230, 851 (2021)

H. Huang, J. Senkpiel, C. Padurariu, R. Drost, A. Villas, R.L. Klees, A. Levy
Yeyati, J.C. Cuevas, B. Kubala, J. Ankerhold, K. Kern, C. R. Ast,
Spin-dependent tunneling between individual superconducting bound states,
Phys. Rev. Research 3, L032008 (2021)

V. Vadimov, J. Tuorila, J. Stockburger, T. Ala-Nissila, J. Ankerhold, and M.
Validity of Born Markov master equations in one and two-qubit systems
Phys. Rev. B 103, 214308 (2021).

S. Karan, Haonan Huang, C. Padurariu, B. Kubala, G. Morras, A. Levy-
Yeyati, J. C. Cuevas, J. Ankerhold, K. Kern, and C. R. Ast,
Superconducting Quantum Interference at the Atomic Scale,
Nature, under review (2021); arXiv: 2102.12521.

L. Danner, C. Padurariu, J. Ankerhold, and B. Kubala, Phys. Rev. B,
Injection locking and synchronization in Josephson photonics devices,
Phys. Rev. B 104, 054517 (2021)  


J. Senior, A. Gubaydullin, B. Karimi, J. T. Peltonen, J. Ankerhold and J. P. Pekola,
Heat rectification via a superconducting artificial atom
Communications Physics, vol. 3, no. 1, pp. 40, 08 2020.

H. Huang, C. Padurariu, J. Senkpiel, R. Drost, A. L. Yeyati, J. C. Cuevas, B. Kubala, J. Ankerhold, K. Kern and C. R. Ast,
Tunnelling dynamics between superconducting bound states at the atomic limit
Nature Physics, 2020.

J. Senkpiel, S. Dambach, M. Etzkorn, R. Drost, C. Padurariu, B. Kubala, W. Belzig, A. L. Yeyati, J. C. Cuevas, J. Ankerhold, C. R. Ast and K. Kern,
Single channel Josephson effect in a high transmission atomic contact
Communications Physics, vol. 3, no. 1, pp. 131, 2020.

J. Gosner, B. Kubala and J. Ankerhold,
Relaxation dynamics and dissipative phase transition in quantum oscillators with period tripling
Phys. Rev. B, vol. 101, pp. 054501, 2020. 

A. Murani, N. Bourlet, H. Sueur, F. Portier, C. Altimiras, D. Esteve, H. Grabert, J. Stockburger, J. Ankerhold and P. Joyez,
Absence of a Dissipative Quantum Phase Transition in Josephson Junctions
Phys. Rev. X, vol. 10, pp. 021003, 2020

H. Huang, R. Drost, J. Senkpiel, C. Padurariu, B. Kubala, A. L. Yeyati, J. C. Cuevas, J. Ankerhold, K. Kern and C. R. Ast,
Quantum phase transitions and the role of impurity-substrate hybridization in Yu-Shiba-Rusinov states
Communications Physics, vol. 3, pp. 199, 2020.

B. Kubala, J. Ankerhold and A. D. Armour,
Electronic and photonic counting statistics as probes of non-equilibrium quantum dynamics
New Journal of Physics, vol. 22, no. 2, pp. 023010, 2020. {IOP} Publishing.

P. Kot, R. Drost, M. Uhl, J. Ankerhold, J. C. Cuevas and C. R. Ast, 
Microwave-assisted tunneling and interference effects in superconducting junctions under fast driving signals
Phys. Rev. B, vol. 101, pp. 134507, 2020. American Physical Society.

M. Wiedmann, J. T. Stockburger and J. Ankerhold, 
Non-Markovian dynamics of a quantum heat engine: out-of-equilibrium operation and thermal coupling control
New Journal of Physics, vol. 22, no. 3, pp. 033007, 2020. {IOP} Publishing.

J. Senkpiel, J. C. Klöckner, M. Etzkorn, S. Dambach, B. Kubala, W. Belzig, A. L. Yeyati, J. C. Cuevas, F. Pauly, J. Ankerhold, C. R. Ast and K. Kern,
Dynamical Coulomb Blockade as a Local Probe for Quantum Transport
Phys. Rev. Lett., vol. 124, pp. 156803, 2020.


M. Wiedmann, J. T. Stockburger and J. Ankerhold, 
Out-of-equilibrium operation of a quantum heat engine 

S. Dambach, P. Egetmeyer, J. Ankerhold and B. Kubala, 
Quantum thermodynamics with a Josephson-photonics setup
The European Physical Journal Special Topics, vol. 227, no. 15, pp. 2053--2058, 2019.

J. Senkpiel, C. Rubio-Verdú, M. Etzkorn, R. Drost, L. M. Schoop, S. Dambach, C. Padurariu, B. Kubala, J. Ankerhold, C. R. Ast and K. Kern, 
Robustness of Yu-Shiba-Rusinov resonances in the presence of a complex superconducting order parameter
Phys. Rev. B, vol. 100, pp. 014502, 2019.

J. Tuorila, J. T. Stockburger, T. Ala-Nissila, J. Ankerhold and M. Möttönen, 
System-Environment Correlations in Qubit Initialization and Control
Phys. Rev. Research, vol. 1, pp. 013004

J. Gosner, B. Kubala and J. Ankerhold, 
Quantum properties of a strongly driven Josephson junction
Phys. Rev. B, vol. 99, pp. 144524, 2019.

C. Rolland, A. Peugeot, S. Dambach, M. Westig, B. Kubala, Y. Mukharsky, C. Altimiras, H. le Sueur, P. Joyez, D. Vion, P. Roche, D. Esteve, J. Ankerhold and F. Portier,
Antibunched Photons Emitted by a dc-Biased Josephson Junction
Phys. Rev. Lett., vol. 122, pp. 186804, 2019.

S. Dambach, A. Armour, B. Kubala and J. Ankerhold, 
Josephson junction cavity systems as cousins of the quantum optical micromaser
Physica Scripta, 2019.


J. Gosner, B. Kubala, and J. Ankerhold,
Quantum properties of a strongly driven Josephson junction

T. Motz, M. Wiedmann, J. T. Stockburger, and J. Ankerhold,
Rectification of heat currents across nonlinear quantum chains: A versatile approach beyond weak thermal contact
New J. Phys. 20 113020

N. Walldorf, C. Padurariu, A.-P. Jauho, and C. Flindt,
Electron Waiting Times of a Cooper Pair Splitter
Phys. Rev. Lett. 120, 087701


A. D. Armour, B. Kubala, and J. Ankerhold,
Noise switching at a dynamical critical point in a cavity-conductor hybrid
Phys. Rev. B 96, 214509

Yaxing Zhang, J. Gosner, S. M. Girvin, J. Ankerhold, and M. I. Dykman,
Time-translation-symmetry breaking in a driven oscillator: From the quantum coherent to the incoherent regime
Phys. Rev. A 96, 052124

B. Jäck, J. Senkpiel, M. Etzkorn, J. Ankerhold, C. R. Ast, and K. Kern,
Quantum Brownian motion at strong dissipation probed by superconducting tunnel junctions
Phys. Rev. Lett. 119, 147702

M. Mecklenburg, B. Kubala, and J. Ankerhold,
Thermopower and dynamical Coulomb blockade in non-classical environments
Phys. Rev. B 96, 155405

M. Westig, B. Kubala, O. Parlavecchio, Y. Mukharsky, C. Altimiras, P Joyez, D. Vion, P. Roche, M. Hofheinz, D Esteve, M Trif, P. Simon, J. Ankerhold, and F. Portier,
Emission of Nonclassical Radiation by Inelastic Cooper Pair Tunneling
Phys. Rev. Lett. 119, 137001

B. Dutta, J. T. Peltonen, D. S. Antonenko, M. Meschke, M. A. Skvortsov, B. Kubala, J. König, C. B. Winkelmann, H. Courtois, and J. P. Pekola,
Thermal Conductance of a Single-Electron Transistor
Phys. Rev. Lett. 119, 077701

T. Motz, J. Ankerhold, and J. Stockburger,
Currents and fluctuations of quantum heat transport in harmonic chains
New J. Phys. 19 053013

S. Dambach, B. Kubala, J. Ankerhold,
Generating Entangled Quantum Microwaves in a Josephson-Photonics Device
New J. Phys. 19, 023027

B. Jäck, J. Senkpiel, M.Etzkorn, J. Ankerhold, C. R. Ast, K. Kern, 
Signatures of phase-coherent transport and the role of quantum fluctua-
tions in the dynamical Coulomb blockade regime



S. Dambach, B. Kubala, and J. Ankerhold,
Time-resolved statistics of photon pairs in two-cavity Josephson photonics
Fortschr. Phys.. doi:10.1002/prop.201600061 , special volume, FQMT '15 (arXiv:1605.03420)

J. T. Stockburger and T. Motz,
Thermodynamic deficiencies of some simple Lindblad operators
Fortschr. Phys. 65, 1600067 (2017) (invited contribution to special volume FQMT'15)

C. R. Ast, B. Jäck, J. Senkpiel, M. Eltschka, M. Etzkorn, J. Ankerhold, and K. Kern,
Sensing the quantum limit in scanning tunnelling spectroscopy
Nature Communications 7, 13009 (2016) 

M. Wiedmann, J. T. Stockburger, J. Ankerhold,
Time-Correlated Blip Dynamics of Open Quantum Systems
Phys. Rev. A 94, 052137 (2016)

J. T. Stockburger,
Exact propagation of open quantum systems in a system-reservoir context
EPL 115 (2016) 40010

S. Fuchs, J. Ankerhold, M. Blencowe, and B. Kubala,
Non-equilibrium dynamics of the Dicke model for mesoscopic aggregates: signatures of superradiance
J. Phys. B: At. Mol. Opt. Phys. 49 (2016) 035501


S. Meister, M. Mecklenburg, V. Gramich, J.T. Stockburger, J. Ankerhold, and B. Kubala,
Resonators coupled to voltage-biased Josephson junctions: From linear response to strongly driven nonlinear oscillations
Phys. Rev. B  92, 174532

J. T. Stockburger, R. Schmidt, and J. Ankerhold,
Entanglement generation through local field and quantum dissipation
Phys. Scr. T 165 (2015)  014020 

B. Kubala, V. Gramich, and J. Ankerhold,
Non-classical light from superconducting resonators coupled to voltage-biased Josephson junctions,
Phys. Scr. T 165 (2015) 014029

S. Dambach, B. Kubala, V. Gramich, and J.Ankerhold,
Time-resolved statistics of non-classical light in Josephson photonics
Phys. Rev. B 92, 054508

R. Schmidt, M. F. Carusela, J. P. Pekola, S. Suomela, and J. Ankerhold,
Work and heat for two-level systems in dissipative environments: Strong driving and non-Markovian dynamics
Phys. Rev. B 91, 224303

K. L. Viisanen, S. Suomela, S. Gasparinetti, O. Saira, J. Ankerhold, and J. P. Pekola,
Incomplete measurement of work in a dissipative two level system,
New J. Phys. 17 (2015) 055014 

A. D. Armour, B. Kubala, and J. Ankerhold,
Josephson photonics with a two-mode superconducting circuit
Phys. Rev. B 91, 184508

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