Mesoscopic Josephson junctions

Mesoscopic Josephson junctions are the central building block for superconducting quantum devices. Their functionality is used to unlock a wide range of quantum technologies, from sensing the smallest signals in nature, down to the ...more

Quantum optics of nano-conductors

Quantum electrodynamics describes the interaction of light and matter. It has been explored with unprecedented accuracy for atoms in optical cavities but lately also in solid state devices with artificial atoms. A similar level of accuracy has  ...more

Non-equilibrium quantum dynamics

Thermodynamic equilibrium defines a state of a system where there is no net flow of matter and energy on a macro scale. What happens if quantum systems in contact with thermal reservoirs are pushed out of equilibrium by ...more

Quantum thermodynamics

Macroscopic thermodynamics was developed for very practical reasons, namely, to understand the fundamental limits of converting heat into useful work. At atomic scales and low temperatures ...more

Open quantum systems

Our group has developed techniques to capture equilibrium and dynamical properties of these systems beyond conventional weak-coupling (e.g. master equations). This includes very strong dissipation in the ...more


The discipline of econophysics loosely defines itself through the transfer of methods and insights of statistical physics to economic questions. The corresponding analysis of patterns and correlations in financial and economic data allows previous simplifying assumptions to be dropped, resulting in conclusions on models of causation, and, ultimately, recommendations to market participants and policymakers.