Tensor Solutions

Tensor Solutions is a BMWi-funded project that aims to make the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) more transparent, comprehensible and efficient. We are a team of researchers from quantum physics and data science developing Machine Learning prototypes with novel quantum-inspired methods to enter the future market of explainable AI. Currently, we are developing and investigating a variety of supervised learning approaches based on Tensor Networks, a well-established method for the simulation of quantum many-body systems.

Our Roadmap to the Market

In the current R&D phase of the project, we are looking for partners in the industry supporting us on the way from research to entering the market. In this way, we aim to work together with your company during our development process, giving us valuable insights into your particular problems and the opportunity to adapt our developments towards your needs already in this early stage. For an optimal progress, this cooperation includes getting in contact with your experts of application and exchange of example data of your problem (such as old data or artificial data showing the underlying structure).

Interested? Visit our website and LinkedIn profile.

Student Positions

We have open Hiwi positions, student projects and Bachelor's/Master's Thesis topics on a regular basis. If you are interested, don't hesitate to contact us via Email at info@tensor-solutions.com.