Cluster review meeting Mainz 2012

Program time table:

Review SOLID, Room "St Martin"
Review QUIE2T, Room "Rhein"


OPEN DAY, programm:

Morning session Chair: G. Wendin, Chalmers
9h15-10h00    D. Guedj: Furure of EU science funding,
10h00-10h45    P. Bertet, Paris: "Quantum physics and quantum processing with superconducting circuits"

Coffee break 30min

Late morning session Chair: F Schmidt-Kaler, Mainz 11h15-12h00  P. Treutlein, Basel: "Hybric atom-optomechanics"
12h00-12h45   Pfau, Stuttgart
12h45-13h30   C. Wunderlich, Siegen: MAGIC with trapped ions

Lunch in the bag, boat trip on the Rhein
boat (departure 14h00, boat arrival back 15h10)

Early afternoon session Chair: Th. Schulte-Herbrueggen, München
15h30-15h45  Calatotti: ERANetPlus, to be confirmed,
15h45-16h30 M. Afzelius, Geneva: "Solid state quantum memory for quantum repeaters"

Coffee break 30 min

Late afternoon session Chair R. Schnabel, Hannover
17h00-17h45  E. Polzik, Copenhagen: "Quantum Interfaces"
17h45-18h30 D. Gross, Zürich

19h Social Dinner, Room "Aquarius"


Review AQUTE, Room "St Martin"
Review QESSENCE, Room "Rochus"


Booking information:

NH Hotel Bingen
Museumstrasse 3
55411 Bingen
tel +49/67217960


Your booking includes the fare for your own room, a flat rate charge for coffee, beverages, lunch, dinner. All will be contained in one invoice, this is payed by every participant. Please let the hotel know when you arrive, and what days you are staying at the cluster review meeting, as the flat rate is charged accordingly. If you stay the night from 19.4 to 20.4 you will like to participate in the social dinner, which will be also on your bill.

The Hotel is directly located at the Rhine in the center of the view

Travel information:

The Hotel is in walking distance (7min) from the Stadtbahnhof, Bingen am Rhein, railway station.

just one example:

Frankfurt(M) Flughafen Regionalbf    Mi, 18.04.12     departure 19:09     with Regio 3, RB 12794 (Regionalbahn)
Bingen(Rhein) Stadt                              Mi, 18.04.12     arrival 20:02     

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