Spectroscopy of rare radioactive Beryllium ions in mesoscopie linear segmented Traps


We aim to trap single Beryllium ions 7,9,10,11Be+ in a segmented Paul trap, to sympathetically cool them with calcium ions and to spectroscopically analyze them. 11Be+ is particularly interesting because of being a one neutron halo system. The main feature of such halo cores is that one or more neutrons are located outside the strong interaction, leading to a weak bond of the neutrons. Precision spectroscopy of the isotope shift on the 2S1/2 to 2P1/2 transition in combination with atomic structure calculations will enable a determination of the nuclear charge radius.

Recent measurements of the nuclear sizes of Be isotopes by W. Nörtershäuser, et al., are published in "Nuclear Charge Radii of 7,9,10Be and the one-neutron halo nucleus 11Be", PRL 102, 062503 (2009)

This project is carried out in collaboration with the group of W. Nörtershäuser (Uni Mainz) and C. Zimmermann (Uni Tübingen). For the full proposal see here. The experiment will be performed at CERN/ISOLDE. A succesful determination of the nuclear charge radius of 11Li has already been accomplishsed in the ToPLiS-Experiment.