Fundamental Solid State Quantum Physics

Our research is directed towards exploring new directions in solid state quantum physics. Gedanken experiments related to manipulating single atoms become reality owing to novel ultrasensitive spin resonances technique

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Quantum technologies and hybrid quantum systems

Spins in diamond are among most promising candidates for scalable solid state quantum register owing to long coherence time and availability of optical readout of single spins states. Particularly interesting is coupling of spins to different very quantum objects like photons, nanomechanical systems and superconducting cavities.

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Quantum metrology, atomic sensing and novel imaging

Coherent control of single quantum can be applied for building novel atomic scale sensors able to detect minute magnetic and electric fields. Our team is exploring novel optical imaging techniques like STED and PALM. All these rapidly growing fields are of crucial importance  for biology.

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CVD Growth of Diamond

Besides the ion implantation, the diamond growth using Plasma-Enhanced-Chemical-Vapor-Deposition (PECVD) is the state of the art technique to produce single spin defects in diamond which can be used for various applications. Our aim is the controlled creation of such defects in a home-built growth reactor.

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Multiple intrinsically identical single photon emitters in the solid-state


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Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy with single spin sensitivity


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Electronic structure of the negatively charged silicon-vacancy center in diamond


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