Sommersemester 2018

15/2018 in 47.2.104Mi, 11.04 10:00h

Mario Löw

Vanessa Scheck

Stefan Fuchs

Determination of the adsorption properties of CO on (Au modified) Pt surfaces
Determination of the electrochemical properties of Cu(111) electrodes
Determination of the catalytic activity of PtRu step sites on the oxygen reduction reaction
16/2018Fr, 20.04PD Dr. Joachim BansmannSafety Instruction
17/2018Fr, 27.04M.Sc. Markus EckardtNitridated carbon spheres as ORR catalyst
20/2018Fr, 18.05Dr. Albert EngstfeldTe(a)cLab and Python Programming
21/2018Di, 22.05Dr. René Hausbrand, Univ. DarmstadtElectronic structure and reactivity of Li-ion electrode-electrolyte interfaces
21/2018Fr, 25.05B.Sc. Sebastian CisnerosHigh surface area Ru/TiO2 catalysts for CO methanation: Moderating Strong Metal Support Interactions (SMSI) by Si doping
21/2018Fr, 25.05

Dr. Albert Engstfeld


M.Sc. Jens Klein


Dr. Zenonas Jusys

On the role of bifunctional effects in the electro-oxidation of MeOH and CO on PtRu electrodes
The role of Pt steps for the electro-oxidation of CO – Investigation on Au decorated Pt step edges on Pt(111)
O2 Reduction in BMP-TFSI on Au Electrodes and the Effect of Mg2+ Ions Studied by Combined ATR-FTIRS and DEMS
28/2018Fr, 13.07

B.Sc. Azita Rezvani

B.Sc. Klara Wiese

Green Methanol Synthesis from CO2/H2 on Au/ZnO Catalysts: Active Intermediates

Interactions between CO2/CO/H2 and Au/ZnO catalysts with respect to the methanol synthesis under UHV conditions

32/2018Fr, 10.08Markus BinderDEMS studies on the gas evolution at high voltage cathodes


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