PC-Sem Wintersemester 2018/2019

42/2018Fr, 19.10. Prof. Dr. R. Jürgen BehmDiscussion on Prof. Behm´s parts of the Catalysis Course exam
43/2018Fr, 26.10. Prof. Dr. R. Jürgen Behm2nd part of the discussion on the Catalysis course exam
47/2018Do, 22.11.Dipl. Phys. Martin SchillingDisputationsvortrag
48/2018Fr, 30.11.B.Sc. Corinna FauthActivity, stability and reversibility of metalated UiO-66 MOFs in reactions with carbon oxides
49/2018Fr. 07.12.Dr. Albert EngstfeldInfluence of the surface state of single crystal electrodes on the electrocatalytic activity
50/2018Fr, 14.12Dr. Ali Abdel MageedMechanism and Rate Limiting Step of CO Methanation in H2-rich Atmosphere: A Combined SSITKA and KIE Study
51/2018Fr, 21.12B.Sc. Sebastian Cisneros-Alvarez High surface area TiO2 catalysts for CO methanation: Moderating Strong Metal Support Interactions (SMSI) by Si doping
2/2019Fr, 11.01M.Sc. Isabella WeberModel Studies at the Anode|Electrolyte Interface: From Bad to Worse
3/2019Fr, 18.01.M.Sc. Dorothea AlwastThe Mutual Influence of H2O and Zn2+ on the ORR/OER in BMP TFSI
4/2019Fr, 25.01M.Sc. Markus EckardtElectrolyte Additives for Mg- and Ca-Air Batteries
5/2019Fr, 01.02Dr. Shilong ChenPromoting the Activity of Ru/γ-Al2O3 in Selective CO Methanation by Distinct Metal-Support Interactions
6/2019Fr, 08.02Dr. Zenonas JusysThe effect of anions on the CO oxidation and O2 reduction reactions at a Au film electrode: A double disk electrode and ATR-FTIR spectroscopy flow cell study
7/2019Di, 12.02.PD Dr. Sandra LangGas Phase Model Systems for Photosystem II
7/2019Fr, 15.02Dr. Albert EngstfeldIntroduction into IOK-WiKi



Fr. 01.03.B.Sc. Denise Golottato be announced



Fr. 22.03.PD Dr. Joachim BansmannSafety instruction


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