Overview over courses in the
Summer Semester 2018

The following lectures, seminars and lab courses are offered:

Surfaces - Interfaces – Heterogeneous Catalysis – Electrocatalysis

R.J. Behm
Lecture: Monday, 12:00-14:00, room 45.2.102, and
Thursday, 10:00-12:00, room: 47.0.501 

Surface Analysis and Spectroscopy

J. Bansmann und R.J. Behm
Lecture: Di, 14-16 , H10
Seminar: Fr, 8-9, 47.2.102

Physical-Chemical Properties of Clusters

T.M. Bernhardt / S.M. Lang
Lecture: Do, 8-10, 45.2.103
Seminar: Do, 14-15, 45.2.102

Energy Technology Laboratory

Laboratory course

R.J. Behm, U. Herr, H. Kallo, J. Bansmann

contact person: J. Bansmann


Courses in German:

Physikalische Chemie I

R. J. Behm

Vorlesung: Mo, 8-10, H1 und Mi, 8-10, H1 (streaming into H20 possible)
Seminar:     Mo, 12-14, in N24/226 (Wirtschaftschemie), Reserve (N24/H13, N25/H15)
                     Mo, 14-16, in H12, 45.2.102 (Wirtschaftschemie)
                     Di, 8-10, in 43.2.104, 45.2.101 (Chemie), Reserve (H7, O25/306)
                     (Fr, 12-14, in N24/226, N25/H9, N25/2103 (Chemie), Reservetermine)
                     Di, 10-12, in N25/2102 (Lehramt), Reserve (O25/306)
                     Di, 12-14, in O25/346 (Biochemie)
                     Do, 10-12, in N25/2103, O25/346 (Biochemie)
                     Fr, 8-10, in N24/H16, N25/2103 (Biochemie)
                     Fr, 10-12, in N24/227 sowie 2. Termin (CIW)

Seminar zum F-Praktikum

L.A. Kibler /  J. Bansmann
Seminar: Fr, 12-14, H7 und H13

F-Praktikum Physikalische Chemie I   FP-PC 1

R.J. Behm, T.M. Bernhardt, T. Jacob mit J. Bansmann, L. Kibler

Kontaktpersonen: J. Bansmann, L. Kibler

Praktikum Energietechnik

R.J. Behm, T. Jacob und Mitarbeiter

Kontaktperson: J. Schnaidt

Vertiefungspraktikum Energietechnik

R.J. Behm, T. Jacob und Mitarbeiter

Kontaktperson: J. Schnaidt

Additional courses

South German Catalysis Institute


Institute´s seminar

Fr. 9-11, 47.2.102 and Tu. 16-18 (PC colloquium), in 47.2.101


Advanced lab courses (Physical Chemistry)
Contact person:    Johannes Schnaidt

EST lab courses (Introductory and Energy Technology Lab 1)
Contact person: PD Dr. Joachim Bansmann