Entry requirements and Admission for the Biophysics M. Sc.



  • Entry Requirements

    To be eligible for the "Biophysics" Master of Science programme, the following qualifications are needed:

    1. Bachelor Degree

    Bachelor degree in one of the following areas: Physics, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Econophysics, Molecular Medicine, Biology, Biotechnology
    any comparable study course with essentially the same content at any institute of higher education in Germany or abroad.

    2. Strong academic recordsFinal Bachelor Grade (GPA in German grade system): 2.5 or better
    if the Bachelor has not been completed yet, an average GPA of 2.5 or better on all the examination results obtained by the date of application (the volume thereof must be equivalent to 140 or more ECTS).
    3.  Successful completion of the pre-master courseThe pre-master course will start on late August 2019 and will focus on the following areas: mathematics, experimental physics, physical chemistry and cell biology.
    4. Letter of MotivationA personal letter reporting the following:
    • motivation of the interest in the master programme "Biophysics",
    • reasons for choosing Ulm University,
    • expectations for personal and professional future.
    5. Good proficiency of English

    TOEFL (ibT) test with minimum score: 95
    IELTS test with minimum score: 7
    any English Language Certificate corresponding to the C1 level of CEFR (Common European Framework Reference for Languages).

    Applicants who are English native speakers don't have to submit any English test result.

    Graduates of the Ulm University are welcome to contact the coordinator or the head of the M. Sc. Biophysics programme for more information on the English requirements.

    6. Sufficient knowledge in physical and biological disciplines

    Evaluation of applications is based on: courses attended, grades and amount of credits obtained during the Bachelor in Physics, Mathematics, Biophysics, Biochemistry and Biology.

  • Pre-Master course

    The pre-master course is a preparatory course designed to give you confidence and enough academic skills to ensure that you will hit the ground running and make the most of your master programme!

    Purpose and Objectives

    During the preparatory course, classes in physics, biology, chemistry and/or mathematics will be offered. Each student will be advised by the respective coordinator regarding which classes are to be attended. Parallel to classes, there will be some practical lab training starts in physics, chemistry or biology in a state-of-the-art lab environment. Moreover, you will have enough time to get used to the life in a foreign country, before starting the full-time master programme. Parallel to the pre-master course there will be some intercultural activities intended to help you with the integration in a new cultural environment.

    For more information, please follow the link to the pre-master course.

  • Admission Statute

    Please have a look at our update Admission Statute (2018).

  • After Admission

    Most foreign students have to apply for a student visa at the German Embassy in their home country. German Immigration Law does not allow to change the Immigration status whilst in Germany; do not enter with a tourist visa!

    As soon as you know about your admission, make an appointment at the nearest embassy or consulate. Go there immediately after receiving the admission letter. Be aware that the visa procedure will take several weeks (up to 3 months). The embassy will inform you about the details of your visa application. Usually you have to present the following at the Embassy:

    1. our letter of admission (Zulassung)
    2. our Information for the Embassy
    3. a proof of your financial means (700 Euro/month at the least). Be prepared to show a bank statement covering the full expenses of the first year
    4. in addition to the above the respective embassy may require you to submit additional material - check with your nearest German embassy

    The excellent frequently asked questions pool at the DAAD website is a good resource (select from drop-down menu at the top of the page).

    Services and assistance

    Together with the admission letter you will receive detailed information on services we provide. We will assist you in finding housing, i.e. we will make reservations in the students' dormitories.
    Upon arrival a senior student will meet and assist you during your first hours on foreign terrain. You will soon meet your new classmates and become familiar with your new surroundings.


Dr. Rachele Fermani

Coordinator M. Sc. "Physics" and M. Sc. "Biophysics"

Room N25/3101
Office hours: Mo-Thu 9 am - 12 am

Department of Physics 
Ulm University
Albert-Einstein-Allee 11
89081 Ulm, Germany

Tel.: ++49 (0) 731-50-22292