Online-Tool Development

The idea

The intention of the module is to give you the opportunity to work on your own projects, develop and evaluate your ideas and find ways to realize them. At the same time we offer you a theoretical background in entrepreneurship and project management.

Your task

You develop ideas, in an area you are interested in. Ideas can be about an actual biology related topic, something that helps other students… it’s your choice.

Our resources

  • your creativity
  • support by entrepreneurs and experts from kiz, e-learning, HDZ, biology, mathematics, economics
  • possibility to use the university workshops


Few group meetings where you learn

  • how to work with Moodle
  • what to consider when creating learning material
  • how to plan a project,
  • analyze risk and effectiveness

Talks and seminars about and from entrepreneurs will accompany your work on your project. You spend much time where you independently work on your project.

Preliminary schedule

Summer term: You develop your concepts and plan your projects

Winter term: You test and evaluate your applications and prototypes

  • Start: April 25th 2019 5 pm Seminarroom 1305 in O25
  • Kick-off meeting: April 27th 2019 10 am - 3 pm in H8: Find your group partners, match your project ideas, meet the mentors, learn about project planning
  • May 28th 4 pm in H2: Prof. Gerlinde Fellner-Röhling "Psychology of economic decision making"
  • June 4th 3 pm in H9: Dr. Birgit Stelzer: "Innovationmanagement"
  • June 14th 4 pm in H1: Felix Wagner: "Tipps and Tricks for Moodle"
  • June 26th 4 pm in H2: Niklas Gemp "How to be an entrepreneur?"
  • Beginning of July: Presentation of your concepts infront of an expert jury

Handing in a business plan: end of semester.

Contact: andrea.wirmer(at)