Software in the Chemistry Computer Class (Windows)

In addition to the usual software the following special software is available in the Chemistry Computer Class:

ChemOffice 2016

  • ChemDraw Professinal 16.1 (2D chemical structure drawing incl. prediction tools for H- and 13C-NMR spectra, physicochemical properties, etc.)
  • Chem3D Ultra 16.1 (3D modelling and visualisations, analysis with MM)
  • ChemFinder Ultra 16.1 (chemical database management system)
  • ChemFinder for Office 16.0 (structure search  in Word, Excel, and Powerpoint documents and others)

Chemistry Information and Databases

  • Access to Chemical databases in the internet via web browsers
  • ConQuest 1.19 (Cambridge Structural Database)

Visualisations, Format Conversions

Computational Chemistry

  • Gaussian09 (program package for quantum chemical calculations)
  • GaussView 5.0 (graphical user interface for Gaussian)


Chemistry and Management

  • STAN 2.5 (Freeware for carrying out Material Flow Analysis)
  • GEMIS 4.9 (Modeling tool for the calculation of energy and material flows including an open database)
  • GaBi (Education version of the widely used life cycle assessment software GaBi)
  • OpenLCA (eco-balances on the basis of Ecoinvent)

Chemical Engineering

  • AspenTech 8.8 (software suite)

Spreadsheet Programs

  • OriginPro 8 (scientific graphing and data analysis, including nonlinear regression, statistics, 3D visualisation)
  • Excel