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submitted / in press:  

Hentrich, H., Kaiser, R., Gottsberger, G. (): Reproductive isolation by floral scent in three sympatric euglossine-pollinated Anthurium and Spathiphyllum (Araceae) species in French Guiana. Biotropica.

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Teichert, H., Dötterl, S., Zimma, B., Ayasse, M. and Gottsberger, G. (): Perfume collecting male euglossine bees as pollinators of a basal angiosperm: the case of Unonopsis stipitata (Annonaceae). Plant Biology.

Wanner M., M. Elmer, M. Kazda und W.E.R. Xylander (): Community assembly of terrestrial testate amoebae: how is the very first beginning characterised? Microbial Ecology.