Seminar zur Vorlesung Interface Chemistry II - Introduction to Electrochemistry


The course for lecture Interface Chemistry II - Introduction to Electrochemistry is intended to accompany the lecture thematically and deepen as well as broaden the topics. The course will be held in discussion groups, whereas the issue will be worked out together.

Further information will follow once groups have been selected.

Organisational details

Seminar room: N25/2103
Time: Monday 14:00 - 16:00
Beginning: 20.04.2020
End: 20.07.2020

Lecturers: Prof. Dr. Timo Jacob and co-workers

Link to the lecture

Please note that due to corona this lecture will be offered as a block course towards the end of the semester (probably the last two weeks of July 2020). Further details will be confirmed.

Seminar Solar Energy Conversion: Selected Topics


Selected advanced concepts and current developments in photophysics and photochemistry of semiconductors, photo(electro)catalysis and solar cells will be discussed. The credit points will be awarded upon active participation (based on evaluated presentations and discussions). Further information will follow on Moodle once participants have been registered.


Bachelor's competences in the field related to the subject, participation in the course "Solar Energy Conversion: Fundamentals"

Organisational details:

Seminar room: 43.2.103
Time: Wednesdays 14:00 - 16:00
Beginning: 22.04.2020 End: 22.07.2020
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Beránek

PLEASE NOTE THAT VENUE, DATE AND TIME MAY CHANGE. Details will be announced as soon as the actual date can be confirmed.