Dialogue Systems - Members


Doctoral Candidates

Affiliated Research Associates

Graduated Members

M.Sc. Louisa Pragst
Graduation Date:
First Employment: Carl Zeiss, Germany
M.Sc. Jakob Landesberger
Graduation Date:
First Employment: Liebherr, Germany
M.Sc. Maria Schmidt
Graduation Date:
First Employment:
M.Sc. Matthias Kraus
Graduation Date:
First Employment: Augsburg University, Germany
M.Sc. Daniela Stier
Graduation Date:
First Employment: Cerence, Germany
M.Sc. Patricia Kittel
Graduation Date: 15.07.2022
First Employment: Daimler, Germany
Dr. rer.nat. Waheed Ahmed Abro
Graduation Date: 09.06.2022
First Employment: Southeast University, China
Dr. rer. nat. Zhihua Zhang
Graduation Date: 09.02.2022
First Employment:
Dr. rer. nat. Niklas Rach
Graduation Date: 14.01.2022
First Employment: Ulm University, Germany
Dr. rer. nat. Oxana Verkholyak
Graduation Date: 17.12.2021
First Employment: St. Petersburg Institute for Informatics and Automation, Russian Federation
Dr.-Ing. Juliana Miehle
Graduation Date: 03.12.2021
First Employment: Cerence, Germany
Dr. rer. nat. Oleg Akhtiamov
Graduation Date: 24.03.2021
First Employment: Deloitte, Germany
Dr. rer. nat. Sebastian Zepf
Graduation Date: 25.02.2021
First Employment: B. Braun New Ventures GmbH, Germany
Dr. Shogo Kawanaka
Graduation Date: 08.02.2021
First Employment: CyberAgent, Inc., Japan
Dr. rer. nat. Dmitrii Fedotov
Graduation Date: 17.12.2020
First Employment: Carl Zeiss Meditec AG, Germany
Dr. rer. nat. Denis Ivanko
Graduation Date: 25.11.2020
First Employment: St. Petersburg Institute for Informatics and Automation, Russian Federation
Dr. rer. nat. Alexei Romanenko
Graduation Date: 23.11.2020
First Employment: Speech Technology Center, Russian Federation
Dr. rer. nat. Yuki Matsuda
Graduation Date: 14.02.2019
First Employment: Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan
Dr. rer. nat. Anastasiia Spirina
Graduation Date: 13.11.2018
First Employment: Krastsvetmet, Russian Federation
Dr.-Ing. Martin Frassl
Graduation Date: 11.07.2018
First Employment: Google, USA
Dr.-Ing. Maxim Sidorov
Graduation Date: 02.08.2016
First Employment: BMW, Germany
Dr. Dr. rer. nat. Roman Sergienko
Graduation Date: 03.06.2016
First Employment: riskmethods, Germany
Dr. rer. nat. Florian Nothdurft
Graduation Date: 08.03.2016
First Employment: Miele, Germany
Dr. rer. nat. Helmut Lang
Graduation Date: 26.01.2016
First Employment: Intel, Germany
Dr.-Ing. Sergey Zablotskiy
Graduation Date: 17.12.2015
First Employment: Gigatronik Technologies, Germany
Dr.-Ing. Ksenia Zablotskaya
Graduation Date: 09.10.2015
First Employment: Zielpuls GmbH, Germany
Dr.-Ing. Tatiana Gasanova
Graduation Date: 03.07.2015
First Employment: Third Space Learning, United Kingdom
Dr. rer. nat. Gregor Bertrand
Graduation Date: 24.02.2015
First Employment: Transporeon, Germany
Dr.-Ing. Hansjörg Hofmann
Graduation Date: 31.10.2014
First Employment: Daimler, Germany
Dr.-Ing. Dmitry Zaykovskiy
Graduation Date: 22.11.2013
First Employment: Debfa Bank, Germany
Dr. rer. nat. Tobias Heinroth
Graduation Date: 10.12.2012
First Employment: Daimler, Germany
Dr.-Ing. Cristina Rico Garcia
Graduation Date: 18.10.2012
First Employment: DLR, Germany
Dr. rer. nat. Olaf Schreiner
Graduation Date: 28.11.2011
First Employment: Harmann/Becker, Germany
Dr. rer. nat. Matthias Bezold
Graduation Date: 07.11.2011
First Employment: 3Soft, Germany
Dr.-Ing. Daniel Vasquez
Graduation Date: 25.10.2011
First Employment: Intel, Germany
Dr.-Ing. Tobias Herbig
Graduation Date: 14.10.2011
First Employment: Nuance Communications, Germany
Dr.-Ing. Mohamed Elmahdy
Graduation Date: 26.08.2011
First Employment: Qatar University
Dr.-Ing. Amparo Gema Albalate Gómez
Graduation Date: 26.01.2011
First Employment: Ericsson, Spain
Dr. rer. nat. Petra-Maria Strauss
Graduation Date: 08.12.2009
First Employment: Daimler, Germany
Dr. rer. nat. Dirk Bühler
Graduation Date: 27.02.2009
First Employment: Harman/Becker, Germany
Dr. rer. nat. Rainer Gruhn
Graduation Date: 14.11.2008
First Employment: Harman/Becker, Germany
Dr.-Ing. Johannes Pittermann
Graduation Date: 09.07.2008
First Employment: EADS, Germany
Dr.-Ing. Bernd Iser
Graduation Date: 03.07.2008
First Employment: Harman/Becker, Germany
Dr.-Ing. Sakriani Sakti
Graduation Date: 20.06.2008
First Employment: ATR, Japan
Dr.-Ing. Julien Bourgeois
Graduation Date: 06.12.2007
First Employment: ALPSTEIN Tourismus, Germany