M.Sc. Carmen Sippel


  • Iterative Algorithms in Compressed Sensing
  • Differential Linear Network Coding
  • Iterative Decoding


  • Carmen Sippel, Robert F.H. Fischer
    VAMP with Individual Variances and Sequential Processing for Compressed Sensing (IEEE)
  • Robert F.H. Fischer, Carmen Sippel, Norbert Görtz
    VAMP with Vector-Valued Diagonalization (IEEE)
  • Carmen Sippel, Robert F.H. Fischer
    On the Invariance of Recovery Algorithms for Compressed Sensing based on Expectation-Consistent Approximate Inference (IEEE)
  • Carmen Sippel, Cornelia Ott, Sven Puchinger, Martin Bossert
    Reed-Solomon Codes over Fields of Characteristic Zero (arXiv)


  • Differential Linear Network Coding in Slowly-Varying Networks (pdf, with minor corrections)
    Master Thesis, Ulm University, June 2018

  • Biomimetische Ansätze zur Vermeidung von Interferenz bei Kfz-Radarsensoren (pdf)
    Bachelor Thesis, Ulm University, December 2015

Advanced Channel Coding

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Einführung in die Nachrichtentechnik

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Signale und Systeme

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