Endowed Professorships

7 endowed professorships are currently established at Ulm University, supported by companies, associations and individuals. These are most pleasing examples of a well-functioning Public Private Partnership!

Endowed Professorship for Digitally Networked Dynamic Systems

Holder: N.N.
Sponsor: City of Ulm

Endowed Professorship for Neuroanatomy of Vascular Diseases

Holder: Prof Deniz Yilmazer-Hanke
Sponsor: Corona Foundation
Established: 2016
Period: 5 years

Endowed Professorship for Business Administration with Emphasis on Business Information Management

Holder: Prof Mathias Klier | Institute of Technology and Process Management
Sponsor: Prof Péter Horvath
Established: 2015
Period: 5 years

Endowed Professorship for Hybrid Quantum Systems

Holder: Prof Alexander Kubanek | Institute of Quantum Optics
Sponsor: Carl Zeiss Foundation
Established: 2014
Period: 4 years

Berndt-Ulrich Scholz Endowed Professorship for Pediatric Urology

Holder: Prof Anne-Karoline Ebert | Clinic for Urology
Sponsor: German Association of Urology and Foundation for Urological Research
Established: 2013
Period: 5 years

Endowed Professorship for Sustainable Knowledge, Sustainable Education and Sustainable Economics

Holder: Prof Martin Müller | Institute of Economics
Sponsor: City of Ulm and companies of the surrounding region
Established: 2008
Period: 10 years

Endowed Professorship for Transfusion Medicine and Immunology

Holder: Prof Hubert Schrezenmeier | Institute of Clinical Transfusion Medicine and Immungenetik Ulm gGmbH (IKT Ulm)
Sponsor: DRK Blutspendedienst Baden-Württemberg GmbH
Established: 2000