Academic Information

Are you interested in knowing which lectures and courses are offered and what they include? Do you need information about tuition fees and exemptions? Would you like to know under what circumstances you are eligible for academic leave? Would you like to register for an exam?

You will find the answers to these questions and further information about University academics on these pages. There are pamphlets and forms available for downloading as well

Academic leave, re-registration, change of subject and termination of enrolment

In need of academic leave and in doubt if eligible for it? Like another subject at Ulm University better? How does re-registration work and how are fees paid in excess reimbursed? Read our FAQs

Student ID card

How does the chip-based student ID work? Where do I get it and when? Has your card been stolen or is it just broken? We summed it all up for you.

Tuition fees and payments

Information about current fees and how to make sure we receive your payments fast and secure can be found here.

Legal information

In doubt which rules apply when and how? Studying can sometimes be complicated and even confusing. Keep a clear view of regulations and frameworks with our collection of all important frameworks, statures and laws.

Further Information

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Re-registration for the winter semester 2016/17

Students re-register for the winter semester 2016/17 by paying all required fees by 10 August 2016. The total payable fee amounts to 158.50 Euro. Students get information about the amount by logging on to the Hochschulportal and clicking on "My functions" - "Certificates and Fees".

Reference for the winter semester 2016/17:
162-Matrikelnummer Name First Name

For technical reasons, it is absolutely necessary that the reference is entered exactly as shown above. Prompt re-registration cannot be guaranteed otherwise. Further information is accessible here.