Credit system Psychology

Times of employment

Over a continuous period of at least two years in an occupation from the list of vocational educations.   

Special educational backgrounds

Specialised grammar school (Fachgymnasium) with socio-scientific focus, major in education/pedagogy/psychology. Completed certified continuing education with predominantly psychological content.

Practical activities

Over a continuous period of at least six months in a social area.

Out-of-school achievements

In education-related competitions on a state/federal level (1. - 3. place), BFD (federal volunteer service), military service, alternative civilian service, FÖJ (voluntary year of environmental service), FSJ (voluntary year of social service), developmental aid. 

Other qualifications

Holders of scholarships from an adult education institution (like the German National Academic Foundation).

Vocational education 

Completed before 15 July

  • carer for the elderly (Altenpfleger)
  • doctor's assistant (Arzthelfer / Medizinischer Fachangestellter)
  • assistant in healthcare and social services (Assistent im Gesundheits- und Sozialwesen)
  • breath, speech and voice therapist (Atem-, Sprech- und Stimmlehrer)
  • as biological or chemical laboratory technician or technological assistant (Biologielaborant, Biologisch-technischer Assistant)
  • dietician (Diätassistent)
  • occupational therapist (Ergotherapeut)
  • youth / childcare worker (all) (Erzieher)
  • nurse / paediatric nurse (Gesundheits- und (Kinder-)Krankenpfleger)
  • midwife (Hebamme/ Entbindungspfleger)
  • disability support worker (Heilerziehungspfleger)
  • youth and child institution worker (Jugend- und Heimerzieher)
  • childcare worker (Kinderpfleger)
  • speech therapist (Logopäde)
  • masseuse and balneotherapist (Masseur und medizinischer Bademeister)
  • mathematical technical assistant (Mathematisch-technischer Assistent)
  • mathematical technical software developer (Mathematisch-technischer Softwareentwickler)
  • doctor's assistant (Medizinische Fachangestellte)
  • medical technical assistant for functional diagnostics (Medizinischtechnischer Assistent für Funktionsdiagnostik)
  • medical technical laboratory assistant (Medizinisch-technischer Laboratoriumsassistent)
  • medical technical radiology assistant (Medizinisch-technischer Radiologieassistent)
  • mathematical technical assistant (Mathematisch-technischer Assistent)
  • pharmaceutical technical assistant (Pharmazeutisch-technischer Assistent)
  • physiotherapist (Physiotherapeut)
  • psychological technical assistant (Psychologisch-technischer Assistent)
  • religious educator (Religionspädagoge)
  • paramedic (Notfallsanitäter / Rettungsassistent)
  • social worker - degree (Sozialarbeiter)
  • social worker - vocational education (Sozialhelfer/-assistent)
  • socio-paedagogical assistant (Sozialpädagogischer Assistent)
  • cytology assistant (Zytologieassistent)