Credit system Teacher Education Biology

Times of employment

Over a continuous period of at least two years in an occupation from the list of vocational educations.

Practical activities

Over a continuous period of at least six months in the above mentioned areas, internships/work placements.

Out-of-school achievements

Education-related competitions on a state/federal level, academic aptitude test in the area of biology/chemistry/biochemistry, military service, civil service, BFD (federal volunteer service), FÖJ (voluntary year of environmental service), FSJ (voluntary year of social service), developmental aid.

Other qualifications

Holders of scholarships from an adult education institution (like the German National Academic Foundation).

Vocational education

Completed before 15 July

  • as biological or chemical laboratory technician or technological assistant (Biologielaborant, Biologischtechnischer Assistent, Biologischtechnologischer Assistant, Chemielaborant, Chemisch-technischer Assistent)
  • chemical engineer (Chemietechniker)
  • bioengineer (Biotechniker)
  • youth / childcare worker (Erzieher)
  • agricultural technological assistant (Landwirtschaftlichtechnischer Assistent)
  • medical technical assistant (Medizinischtechnischer Assistent)
  • pharmaceutical technical assistant (Pharmazeutisch-technischer Assistent)
  • physico-technical assistant (Physikalisch-technischer Assistent)
  • physical engineer (Physiktechniker)
  • technical assistant for agriculture and environmental analysis (Technischer Assistent für Agrar- und Umweltanalytik)
  • technical assistant in chemical and biological laboratories
  • environmental technical assistant (Umwelttechnischer Assistent)
  • environmental protection technical assistant (Umweltschutztechnischer Assistent)
  • environmental protection engineer (Umweltschutztechniker)
  • cytology assistant (Zytologieassistent)