Organisation and conduct of examinations during the corona crisis

Dear Examiners
Please find information regarding the organisation and conduct of on-site examinations at Ulm University below. Dezernat V (Division V)  has defined rooms for conducting written exams and rooms for conducting oral examinations. Please find information below how you as examiners can proceed when planning your examination and what hygiene measures must be followed. Please take note of the mentioned regulations to ensure that exams can be held in compliance with applicable hygiene regulations.

Information on exam inspection for examiners

Here you will find information on examen inspection for examiners.

Notes on the conduct of oral examinations

I want to offer an oral exam in the format “Oral online examination”. What must I do?

  1. Register the exam with Studiensekretariat (student administration and examinations office) via your examination coordinator. As part of the organisation of exams, a new online examination format was created for the planned oral online examinations. Please find the exams in Hochschulportal under “Mündliche Online-Prüfung/Oral online examination”.
  2. Please read the Guidelines for examiners regarding the conduct of oral examinations by video conference at Ulm University during the corona crisis.
  3. Exams are registered in exactly the same way as oral on-site exams. Students register for an oral online examination via Hochschulportal and fix a date with the examiners. The examiners enter the examination date and later the exam grade in Hochschulportal.
  4. The examination record is transmitted to Studiensekretariat as with any oral on-site examination.
  5. Please note that students already registered for an examination as oral on-site must first contact Studiensekretariat  to cancel the on-site examination registration; only then is it possible to register for an oral online examination.
  6. By registering for an oral online examination, the examinee consents to being examined online.

Which rooms are available for on-site oral examinations?

Information about the possible examination rooms can be found here.

How can I book a room for my on-site examination?

Exam rooms must be reserved or booked via the central room allocation service (Zentrale Raumvergabe). The programme or examination coordinators make the bookings. Please contact your programme/examination coordinator for your booking.

What hygiene regulations must I observe in the rooms during oral examinations?

  1. The rooms are equipped with disinfectants for disinfecting the hands and disinfection cloths for disinfecting the surfaces. The rooms must be ventilated after the test. Sufficient time for changing persons and ventilation must be allowed between individual test blocks (at least 15 minutes). Instructions for use are posted in the examination rooms.
  2. The house rules of Ulm University apply to all examination participants when they make their way to the exam rooms. There must be a distance of at least 1.5 metres between all persons involved (examiners, examinee, other members of the examination board) (e.g., 3 tables with 60 cm each). If this minimum distance cannot be maintained, mouth-nose covers must be worn.  
  3. The candidate should be advised to leave the University premises promptly after the end of the examination.

Do students have to give a statement about their state of health before the exam?

Yes, students are required to bring a statement about their health status or contacts with Covid-19 infected persons to the exam.

Notes on the conduct of written examinations

I want to change the exam format and plan to have, e.g., an assignment, oral online examination etc. instead of a written exam ( ...). What must I do?

  1. Notify your students in due time giving them enough time to prepare for the changed exam format.
  2. Register the exam with the changed exam format with Studiensekretariat via your examination coordinator. Here, the change of exam format will be documented and the chair of the examination board will be notified pursuant to § 4 (5) sentence 3 of the Statutes of Ulm University as a consequence of the effects of the corona pandemic in the area of study and teaching of 17 May 2020.

What must I observe when preparing an examination?

Students must be notified in good time about time and place of the exam and their attention must be drawn to the Informationen des Dezernats II für Studierende zur Abnahme von Prüfungen.
If written exams are conducted in several rooms: Students must be assigned alphabetically - based on their family names - to examination rooms and they must be notified thereof.
The invigilators must bring their own masks.
Plan for and use assistant invigilators - we recommend that there should be two invigilators per exam room.
Print sufficient copies of the Self-declaration regarding students’ state of health for the examinees.
Print sufficient Information sheets for the invigilators.
Procure enough containers (plastic/cardboard boxes) (two per exam room) for exams and self-declarations and label them correspondingly.

What must be observed on the day of the examination?

  • Information sheets for announcements regarding infection protection must be distributed to the invigilators before the written exam.
  • Invigilator checks the following 30 minutes before the examinees enter:
  1. Does the seating correspond to the information displayed?
  2. Are the seats numbered?
  3. Are disinfectants and masks available as indicated? Note: Important phone numbers for reporting insufficient or faulty stock, building management and janitors, control room for technical emergencies are shown on the room plans displayed in the examination rooms.
  • Exam cover sheets  Self-declarations must be placed on the indicated seats where students can sit.
  • Keep two containers available at the exit of the room, one for exam sheets and one for self-declarations.

Example: 8:00 a.m. Start of the examination in the room plan -> 7:30 a.m. Check room and place exams and self-declarations on desks -> 8:00 a.m. Examinees enter -> Exam starts after examinees have been instructed

What happens during the examination?

  • Students are invited in at the time indicated in the examination schedule.
  • While wearing their masks, students take their seats in an orderly fashion, row by row, beginning with the seat furthest from the entrance.
  • After the students have taken their seats, the invigilator asks them to fill in the Self-declaration regarding their state of health and to sign it. If students cannot sign it because they do not fully consent to the statements they must leave the room and cannot take part in the examination.
  • Then, the invigilator reads out the Information sheet regarding infection protection measures during the written exam.
  • Students enter their seat number on the exam cover sheet.
  • Students place their student ID card and the signed self-declaration clearly visibly on the desk before them. While wearing their masks, invigilators can walk through the empty rows to check identities and answer questions.
  • Once identities have been checked, the students can take off their masks.
  • If students must leave the room during the examination or wish to terminate the examination prematurely, they put on their mask and indicate this to the invigilator by raising their hand.  The invigilator ensures that seat neighbours also put on their masks and leave the row to create enough space. If and when the person concerned returns, seat neighbours again put on their masks and leave their row to let the returning person go to their seat. When everybody is seated again, the masks may be taken off again.
  • When the exam ends, all students again put on their masks at the announcement of the invigilator.  The invigilator reminds the students to quickly leave the building.  They leave the room in an orderly fashion starting with the row closest to the exit and place their exam sheets and the signed self-declaration in the containers at their disposal at the exit.
  • Once the exams have been graded and viewed by the students, they must be submitted to Studiensekretariat to be scanned.

Important notes on test acceptance during the corona crisis

Status: 22.04.2020

To alleviate the negative impact through the suspension of teaching and the cancellation of examinations requiring personal attendance, Ulm University strives to offer an alternative examination format by allowing video conferencing.

  • In view of the above, Ulm University provides in its Statutes as a consequence of the effects of the corona pandemic in the area of study and teaching of 17 April 2020 that:
    1. At the request of the exam candidate and with the consent of the examiner, oral examinations can be conducted electronically by video conference.
    2. The orderly conduct of the examination must be guaranteed.
    3. The guidelines for examiners (“Handreichung für Prüfende”) regarding requirements for the proper conduct of oral examinations by video conference at Ulm University during the corona crisis must be observed.
    4. This applies analogously to oral examinations in doctoral or habilitation procedures as well as colloquia for final theses.
    5. Examinees have no right to an oral examination conducted via video conference; the members of the committee and, respectively,  the examiners must consent to the use of video conferencing.
  • In case of doctoral and habilitation exams, the request for holding the examination via video conference must be submitted by email to the competent examination or habilitation committee. The committee decides upon acceptance. It requests the consent of all committee members. If any one member does not consent to the examination being conducted by video conference, the request must be declined. The current procedure regarding registration or, as the case may be, non-registration for the colloquium/presentation does not change because of this examination format.
  • It must be guaranteed that all members of the examination committee, examiners and examinees can personally, immediately and fully follow and understand the complete examination process and audio and video transmission must run smoothly. If this cannot be guaranteed, the exam has not been conducted orderly and must be repeated. The orderly conduct of the exam must be recorded.
  • Currently, oral exams are held exclusively via WebEx.
  • Health and infection protection are Ulm University’s foremost concern; therefore, it must be guaranteed that all participants stay in separate rooms during the examination. The respective Faculties’ digitalisation assistants are available for test conferences. The kiz offers the digitalisation assistants training and level 2 support. It is recommended to test connection quality and functioning of the software on the participants’ devices on the day before the examination. Please find further information on the website “Alternativen zur Präsenzlehre” (alternatives to classroom teaching).