Informationen für Studierende

  • Planning and organising your studies

    • How do I organise/ plan the course of my studies?

    • When do I take which courses?

    • What specialisation should I choose?

    The course advisors are here to help you with questions around structuring your studies, choosing elective modules and the specifics of the study programme (internships, laboratory courses, mobile modules abroad etc.).

  • Work & career

    • What career opportunities do I have with my degree?

    • Can I orient my studies towards a specific profession?

    The Zentrale StudienberatungZentrale Studienberatung (central student advisory services) (central student advisory services) support you in your basic considerations as to how to proceed after your studies.

    The course advisors provide subject-related information on starting your career.

    • What skills do employers expect from me?

    • How do I apply for a job? What important things are there to consider?

    • How do I get in touch with companies and where can I find suitable job offers?

    The Career Service provides support in the form of a job portal, an application guide, job & career fairs as well as events on job-related topics and a Career Center with company videos, recruitment events, etc.

  • Doubting your path?

    • Am I right in this degree programme/at this university?

    • What are the alternatives to my current path?

    • I am dissatisfied with my study programme – should I change the subject or university?

    • Should I withdraw from my degree?

    The Zentrale Studienberatung (central student advisory services) is the main contact point if you have any doubts about your study programme. They support you in dealing with your own motivation and goals and, if necessary, thinking about alternatives (e.g. change of programme, change of university, vocational training, internship, "time-out").

    The course advisors can provide guidance if you doubt your choice of study programme or if you are interested in closely related subjects (e.g. chemistry, chemistry and management or biochemistry).

    The Psychosocial Counselling Service of the Studierendenwerk (student services) is also a source of support in times of doubts about your studies or if you struggle with uncertainties and problems in your everyday student life.

  • Troubleshooting study problems

    • How can I learn more efficiently?

    • My motivation to study is low – what can I do?

    • I have examination anxiety – what can help me?

    • I have lost my right to examination – what now?

    • My degree programme is too difficult for me, the requirements are too high.

    The Zentrale Studienberatung (central student advisory services; ZSB) supports you with the planning and organising of your learning process and can talk to you about individual learning and work techniques. You can also discuss topics such as time management, motivation and exam preparation or ask for help when you have lost the right to examination and with regards to examination-related problems in general.

    The course advisors can help with examination-related problems also, as well as with subject-specific learning troubles.

    The student advocates in the various departments sometimes offer courses on the subject of learning and exam preparation.

    The Psychosocial Counselling Service of the Studierendenwerk (student services) offers courses on topics such as exam stress, time management and practical learning. Individual counselling sessions on these topics are also possible.

  • Studying with family responsibilities

    • What support options are there for students with family responsibilities?

    An overview of the offers at Ulm University on this topic can be found here.

    The Zentrale Studienberatung (central student advisory services) is the first point of contact for students with family responsibilities.

    The Studierendenwerk (student services) offers information on living with a child, financial assistance and childcare.

    The Family Service is the place to go to if, for example, you have questions about the children's holiday programmes, day care places for children of doctoral candidates and the babysitter list.

    The Gleichstellungsreferat (equal opportunities unit) of the student representative body (StuVe) is contact point for all questions concerning equal treatment of the various groups of students at Ulm University, with a special focus on students facing additional burdens.

  • Studying with a disability

    • What support options are available for students with a disability?

    The representative for students with a disability or chronic illness (Zentrale Studienberatung) advises, for instance, on questions about compensation for disadvantages (Nachteilsausgleich) and on support options in everyday student life with regards to mobility, visual or hearing impairments, chronic physical or mental illness and specific learning disabilities (SLD).

    The accommodation department of the Studierendenwerk (student services) has information on barrier-free living.

    The Gleichstellungsreferat (equal opportunities unit) of the student representative body (StuVe) is contact point for all questions concerning equal treatment of the various groups of students at Ulm University, with a special focus on students facing additional burdens.

  • Subject-specific questions

    • Which specialisation/ elective modules should I choose in my studies?
    • What internship opportunities are there in my degree programme?

    • How can I adapt my studies to my circumstances?

    • What exactly do I learn in this or that module?

    The course advisors are contact point for all predominantly subject-specific questions.

  • Personal and psychosocial problems

    • How do I deal with daily life problems (e.g. communication challenges)?
    • I have exam anxiety and/or stress – what can I do about it?

    • I suffer from depression, insomnia and/or anxiety – who can I turn to?

    The Psychosocial Counselling Service of the Studierendenwerk (student services) offers students competent advice and one-on-one counselling to help solve psychosocial matters and challenges (in German or English). Students who struggle with learning difficulties, examination anxiety as well as study-related difficulties and daily life problems can come here for personalised support.

  • Examination and student administration

    • Application forms and questions on academic leave, re-registration, change of study programme, termination of enrolment
    • Questions about study and examination regulations

    • Questions about subject-specific examination regulations, lectures and modules

    The Studiensekretariat is the student administration and examinations office at Ulm University and contact point for questions concerning study and examination regulations. They can also provide the application forms for academic leave, re-registration, change of study programme and termination of enrolment.

    The course advisors and/or programme coordinators answer questions related to subject-specific examination regulations as well as specific lectures and modules.

  • Going abroad

    • Where can I go for a semester abroad?
    • How do I finance my studies abroad?

    • How do I arrange an internship abroad?

    • What is required to get my study achievements and examination results from abroad recognised here?

    The International Office offers a wide range of information on semesters and internships abroad, including partner universities and available scholarships.

    The course advisors can help you get clear on what study achievements you want/need to obtain at a foreign partner university (e.g. Learning Agreement and recognition of study achievements and examination results).

  • Doctorate/ PhD programme

    • Who can I contact with questions about doctoral studies at Ulm University?

    The Promovierendenkonvent (council of doctoral candidates) at Ulm University provides a central platform for all persons who intend to, are in the process of or have already completed a doctorate/ PhD programme at Ulm University.

    The Graduate & Professional Training Center is the University's academy for junior scientists and offers interdisciplinary continuing academic education. The Center serves as contact point for scientists from the beginning of their doctorate until they get appointed as professor.

    The course advisors sometimes provide advice on doctoral studies in their department (e.g. at the Faculty of Engineering, Computer Sciences and Psychology).

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