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Management for Innovations and Sciences - Master's programme for working professionals (MSc)

Both businesses and public research institutions are increasingly pushed to keep transforming. The competitive pressure forces businesses to constantly improve their efficiency and effectiveness.  At the same time, they are challenged to launch new and innovative products in ever shorter periods of time. Research institutions also feel the pressure to innovate: research output needs to be achieved with efficient use of resources. Management skills to lead and develop a research organisation are therefore of great importance. The Innovation and Science Management programme addresses these exact requirements.

Tuition fees can vary depending on your module choices and range between €13,200 - €15,900.

The length of the study programme depends on your individual curriculum and usually ranges between 4 and 7 semesters.

Key data

Type of programme

Master's programme for working professionals (MSc)

Type of study
  • part-time
  • career-integrated
  • full-time
Study curriculum

Information on the study curriculum


Information for applicants

Start of programme
  • each summer and winter semester
Tuition fee

13.200,00 €

Language of instruction
  • German
  • restricted (for further information see 'Application')
ECTS credit points


More about the course

Management Essentials and Process Management are the core elements of the curriculum and the basis of the master’s programme, on which the two specialisations Technology and Innovation Management and Science Management build. The study programme teaches new and tested methods for innovation and science management as well as increasing efficiency and effectiveness.

Graduates are equipped for careers in corporate development, product and market management, research and development or supply chain management. They are able to work in all sectors, including business consultancy (strategy consultancy or operations management consultancy) and in research institutions or higher education institutions.

For further information please see the web pages of the School of Advanced Professional Studies.