Research and development, research-related services and continuing education

Research and development

Best points of contact with regards to research and development (research collaborations and contract research) are the institutes of the respective faculties.

Find out about our strategic research and development areas.

Research and development

Research-related services (measurement, analysis, simulation, production)

We provide state-of-the-art research-related services utilising cutting-edge equipment and scientific expertise.

Research-related services

Functional semiconductor systems (in German)

Continuing education

The University's continuing education programmes facilitate direct person-centred knowledge transfer.

Continuing education

To first degree-holders Ulm University provides the possibility of taking a variety of (modular) study courses that are mainly based on online studies (flexible in terms of space and time) and on a small amount of on-campus time. While working full-time you have the possibility to further your education in a specific field so that you open up new professional trajectories and enhance your career.

School of Advanced Professional Studies 

(study programmes for working professionals and courses that lead to a recognised certificate)

Academy of Science, Economy and Technology (in German)

(continuing academic education and training for professionals)