Your career at Ulm University

Ulm University, the youngest university in Baden-Württemberg, offers an attractive and steadily increasing range of programmes and courses. It is the centre of and driving force behind the Science City of Ulm, a dynamically growing environment of research institutes, hospitals and technology companies. The University's research profile focuses on sciences and medicine, bio-, nano- and energy materials, financial services and their mathematical methods, as well as information, communication and quantum technologies.

In this setting the University offers multifarious perspectives for your career. We look forward to having you on board!


A green campus, several first places in university rankings, numerous research prizes and dedicated lecturers – that's Ulm University in a nutshell. What we value the most, however, is to provide a professional environment with a human touch. Students are able to find their way around quickly and receive substantial support right from the beginning. An active and lively exchange between students and professors is not only desirable but quite common here.

Study at Ulm UniversityStudy at Ulm University

Continuing education

Ulm University offers comprehensive and varied opportunities in the context of academic and on-the-job training to in efficiently expand your skills and qualifications and thus advance your professional career.

Continuing education at Ulm University

Vocational training

At the University you will also find attractive apprenticeship opportunities in the various institutions like Central University Administration, Communication and Information Centre, Science Workshop and Animal Research Centre.

Vocational training at Ulm University

Job opportunities

Ulm University provides interesting career prospects in a highly innovative research and work environment, not only for academics but also for qualified technical and administrative professionals.

Job opportunities at Ulm University


The University supports its students and doctoral candidates with a variety of scholarships in achieving their professional goals.

Scholarships at Ulm University

Career Service

The Career Service of Ulm University hosts events on topics like application, career start or career planning to support its graduates with transitioning into their lives as professionals.

Career Service at Ulm University