Coronavirus: Ulm University informs

The pandemic task force of Ulm University has decided to shut the University down from Thursday, 19 March 2020 onwards. This is a necessary measure to help contain the further spread of the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) and in particular to protect risk groups from infection.
During the period of shutdown, the University is to be entered only by those who are indispensable for emergency operations. All other staff and students use teleworking or mobile working modalities.

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The State of Baden-Württemberg has suspended all teaching activities at universities till 19 April. Until then, all lectures, classes, university examinations, conferences and other university events are cancelled. We ask teaching staff to provide online learning modalities where possible.

The university administration is switching from office attendance to email communication, effective immediately. The library as well as the Mensas and cafeterias of the Studierendenwerk (student services) are closed.

Ulm University strives to minimise the negative effects of these measures on its students and staff. We will update you about further developments via email and on this website.

Circular letter shutdown - University President Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Weber

Circular letter online teaching - Vice President Education Prof. Dr. Dr. Olga Pollatos

as of 8 April 2020

Frequently asked questions on emergency operation

FAQs: teaching and studying, examinations, HR Services and facility management

Information on important areas of the University

  • Study & teaching

    Teaching activities at Ulm University are suspended until 19 April. Examinations do not take place during this period either. The course of the examination deadlines will be interrupted: the right to examination (Prüfungsanspruch) will not be lost and will not lead to de-registration. The University will inform you in due time of any rescheduled examination dates.

    The library of Ulm University is closed. The deadline for the submission of theses is therefore extended by the duration of the shutdown.

    The effects of the coronavirus pandemic on the summer semester 2020 are not yet foreseeable. We ask teaching staff to prepare online alternatives where possible.

    Information by Division (Dezernat) II – Student and International Affairs

    FAQ on teaching and studying

  • Research

    The following applies to research projects in the core university including pre-clinic during emergency mode: No new research projects are to be started, experiments and other work must be terminated or interrupted unless they can be carried out in the home office (e.g. evaluations, preparation of publications, project applications). This does not apply to work that directly serves to help overcome the corona pandemic.

    Where emergency care for living organisms or maintenance and function control of technical equipment and long-term experiments are required on site, these must be ensured with a minimum of staff.
    The persons who carry out these tasks must be appointed with their full name provided and they require access authorisation.

    Supporting facilities (e.g. Animal Research Centre) are also reducing their operations as far as this is possible with regard to the minimum care for living organisms and the safety of technical facilities. This means, in particular, that no new broods will be started at the Animal Research Centre. The core facilities of the Medical Faculty will largely suspend operation.

    Detailed information, especially on the offers of individual funding institutions and on the handling of new projects, are available on the website of Res.Ul

  • Staff

    On 19 March (6:00 p.m.), Ulm University has switched its operations to emergency mode. During emergency mode, the following applies to employees and professors (with the exception of the clinical sector):  All members of the University must work from home whenever possible. Only staff whose presence is necessary for emergency operations are allowed to enter the University.  

    Staff who are only partially able to work in home offices or are not able to work at all during emergency mode will continue to receive their regular remuneration. All staff may be asked to return to work at the University at any time.

    Information from HR Services

    FAQ Human Resources

  • IT Services/ kiz

    The Communication and Information Centre (kiz) will continue to provide all critical infrastructure services necessary for the emergency operation of the University. These include basic IT services such as email, telephony, network and server as well as all department-specific digital applications. The Help Desk as the first point of contact for support will continue to be available and is happy to answer questions or to forward them to an available contact person in the home office.

    There are, however, restrictions in terms of availability via phone. Generally, the kiz can be reached by email only. Nevertheless, you can use the online form to submit a request for the Help Desk to call you back.

    All kiz services that require physical presence on campus are suspended during emergency mode: The library areas and PC clusters are closed, printing services are not available during this time.

    For further and up-to-date information please see the information pages of the kiz about emergency mode.

  • Infrastructure/ Facility Management

    Ulm University is closed during emergency mode. Staff are granted access authorisation for absolutely necessary activities only. Automated access to the University is possible during emergency mode with a membership card or guest card of Ulm University. Controlled entry is possible via Uni Ost (gate N24/2 West).

    The Leitwarte (control room) continues to be permanently manned and is supported in monitoring the University by the janitor service staff (Hausmeister) and a security company.  An extended on-call service can be requested via the Leitwarte (extension: -22225). During emergency mode, janitor services should be used in urgent cases only: Please have only absolutely necessary materials delivered and keep a safety distance in personal contact to protect staff members.

    The University's technical facilities will continue to be operated during shutdown with ongoing supply of electricity, drinking water etc. Please switch off all unnecessary equipment and lights before shutdown (19 March, 6:00 p.m.).
    Windows are to be closed and heating elements set to level 3.

    Information on emergency mode – Division (Dezernat) V – Facility Management

  • Finances – Procurements, invoices & third-party funds

    During the shutdown of the University, procurements are to be made only for facilities that are required to maintain emergency operations at the University.

    Invoices received by mail will be processed as long as possible.
    During emergency mode, you can also mark invoices as 'sachlich richtig' (factually correct), add the cost centre and then scan and email them to zentrale-bewirtschaftung(at) No expenses are reimbursed and no invoices are issued during emergency mode.

    On third-party funds: Wherever possible, expense reports (Verwendungsnachweise) are to be written in the home office. Calls for funds (Mittelabrufe) are to be made only retroactively for work already performed.

    Further information on Finances (in German)

  • Communication

    The Press Office provides regular updates on the developments at Ulm University on this website. Particularly important information is also provided on the University's home page and via the social media of Ulm University (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram - mostly in German).

    Please check your email inbox regularly. Especially during emergency mode, you may receive important messages from the university management, facility managers, lecturers, etc.

    The Press Office can be reached in the home office via the usual phone numbers or by email.

General information about the coronavirus

washing hands

Ulm University strives to keep university members up-to-date about the latest developments relating to the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2). Hygiene and safety measures have the purpose of protecting students and employees from possible infection.

The coronavirus is mainly transmitted via droplet infection. This can happen directly from person to person via the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, or indirectly via the hands. The symptoms of a coronavirus infection (COVID-19) range from fever, cough and shortness of breath to pneumonia.

We ask all members of the University to avoid physical contacts and to adhere to the same hygiene measures as are common practice during flu epidemics.

These include above all:

Detailed information on transmission and prevention of the novel coronavirus can be found on the website of the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Protocol for cases of (suspected) infection

Persons who show flu-like symptoms and/or suspect that they may be infected with the coronavirus should first contact their general practitioner (by phone).

Outside the working hours of general practitioners, the emergency practices of the Kassenärztliche Vereinigung (KV) are in charge. The phone number for emergency and on-call services throughout Germany is: 116117 (Mon - Fri from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. and Sat/Sun from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.).

Those who are infected with the new coronavirus (COVID-19) receive medical treatment and are quarantined. Please provide a list of persons you had contact with at work to the Gesundheitsamt (public health department) to help trace the chain of infection.

Further information - Division (Dezernat) V (in German)

Further Information - coronavirus

News - coronavirus

The summer semester starts digitally on 20 April: University President Weber welcomes new students with a video message. During the semester, as many courses as possible will be offered in an online version.

Circular letter - online teaching (VP Education Prof. Pollatos)

Information for Lecturers

Shutdown of Ulm University from Thursday, 19 March (6:00 p.m.). Staff and students work from home.
All events at Ulm University are cancelled until the beginning of the summer semester (20 April).