Alumni Associations

Ulmer Universitäts Gesellschaft

The University Society of Ulm University helps to ensure development and continued
growth at Ulm University. It especially promotes research activities, teaching activities and
international cooperation. It maintains contact between the University and the local public,
the political sector and the economy. In addition, the University Society
supports the student body and is the official alumni organisation of the University.

FIN e.V. - Freunde der Informatik

The purpose of the FIN Club is to connect future, current and former students, staff, lecturers and people interested in the field of computer science.
The FIN Club works closely with the computer science faculty, assisting them with first semester student orientation as well as other events which improve contact between instructors and students within the department of computer science.
Our aim in the area of alumni work is to achieve very close contact between the alumni and
the faculty, including the sharing of experiences and information.

Studium und Praxis e.V.

The Studium und Praxis club has been around since 1987. It is a club for students, graduates and postgraduates of Ulm University, which provides a comprehensive connection between university education and professional practice.
Our aim is to foster the mutual exchange between students and graduates of Ulm University and business and professional communities. We strive to deepen this sort of contact as well as contribute to the continuing education of our members.

Wirtschaftsphysik Alumni e.V.

The Ulm University association Wirtschaftsphysik Alumni is a non-profit organization which
aims to connect graduates, students, lecturers and anyone else who is interested in the fields of business physics or physics.
The association has a special interest in fostering direct communication between active members and alumni. Every year, Wirtschaftsphysik Alumni organises various events in cooperation with the FS to provide current and former students the opportunity to come together. The FS Alumni Barbecue is one example, a casual setting for members to meet and discuss ideas or exchange experiences.

WiWi Alumniclub Ulm e.V.

The WiWi Alumni Club Ulm serves as an information and communication platform for both students and graduates in the business administration and economics programme of Ulm University.
The Alumni Network is mainly shaped by the ties the graduates have to their university and their time spent together as students. The WiWi Alumni Club offers the possibility to stay in
touch with other alumni as well as with Ulm University itself.
Annual reunions are one of the main events of the Alumni Club, where students, alumni and
members of the faculty have the opportunity to meet each other and share their experiences.

Logo der Ulmer Universitätsgesellschaft
Logo der Ulmer Universitätsgesellschaft

Logo der Freunde der Informatik
Logo der Freunde der Informatik

Logo des Studium und Praxis e.V.
Logo des Studium und Praxis e.V.

Logo des Wirtschaftsphysik e.V.
Logo des Wirtschaftsphysik e.V.