The Ulm University's Alumni and Career Services Office provides services, communication, advising and information for all students, alumni and former employees.

Our free services include:

  • an electronic newsletter containing information on developments at the Ulm University and interesting news from the region;
  • invitations to events at the Ulm University;
  • use of our career services, which are free of charge for up to two years after completion of your degree programme. (Please register on our alumni database);
  • help in organising alumni reunions;
  • assistance with starting alumni associations in Germany and worldwide.

If you would like further information, or have any comments or suggestions, please contact the Alumni and Career Services Office directly.

Alumni Ulm's Aims

Our objective is for Alumni Ulm, the Ulm University's alumni network, to be a useful resource forall former students, staff, and visiting academics as well as for the University itself.

We plan to achieve this aim by:

  • developing a network for alumni,
  • including alumni - with their wealth of knowledge and experience - in the strategic development of the Ulm University;
  • assisting with tasks which are not carried out by the government.

alUmNI Ulm is currently in its structural phase, and we welcome all forms of support. If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact the Alumni office (alumni(at)