This model represents the knowledge as of 1998: It has been revised since in regard to orientation of both RH genes relative to eachother, an interspersing gene SMP1, and the distance between RHD and RHCE comprises about 30,000 bp only. For those features, please refer to the current model displayed at The Rhesus Site.

Chromosomal organization of the RHCE and RHD genes according to the current understanding. The genes´ locus spans less than 450 kb on the short arm of chromosome 1 between the positions 1p34.3 and 1p36.13 (top). The physical distance between both genes is unknown. The RHD gene is located 3´ to the RHCE gene. The orientation of the genes in regard to each other and to the centromere is still unresolved. The genomic structure was analyzed for the RHCE gene {2843}. The RHD gene is believed to have a very similar structure (bottom). There are 37 amino acid positions varying between the Rhce and RHD alleles of both genes (thin lines in the 10 exons). The 3´ untranslated region (UTR) of exon 10 (hatched) covers more than 1,500 bp; a shorter stretch is known for RHCE, which deviated considerably (asterisks above 3´ UTR). Many of these exon polymorphisms have been utilized to detect the presence of the RHD allele. There is a 4,247 bp stretch of near nucleotide identity between the RHC and RHD alleles of both genes spanning from intron 1 to intron 2 (asterisks around exon 2). The positions of DNA insertions occuring in introns of the RHCE gene are indicated by arrows: All three insertions (109 bp in intron 2, 288 bp in intron 3 and 651 bp in the very short intron 4) have been utilized for DNA typing to detect the presence of the RHD allele.

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Transfus Med 8: 281 - 302, 1998
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