Paper of Huber-Lang group considered TOP 10% in Journal of Immunology

Universität Ulm

The paper "Complement C5a Functions as a Master Switch for the pH Balance in Neutrophils Exerting Fundamental Immunometabolic Effects." authored by Denk S, Neher MD, Messerer DAC, Wiegner R, Nilsson B, Rittirsch D, Nilsson-Ekdahl K, Weckbach S, Ignatius A, Kalbitz M, Gebhard F, Weiss ME, Vogt J, Radermacher P, Köhl J, Lambris JD, and Huber-Lang MS has been published in the Journal of Immunology (2017 Jun 15;198(12):4846-4854). It was considered to be among the TOP 10% of articles published in the journal and mentioned in the highlights section of the June 2017 issue. 

Congratulations to the authors!