624. WE Heraeus-Seminar

Simulating Quantum Processes and Devices

Physikzentrum Bad Honnef,

September 19 - 22, 2016

Scientific organizers:  Joachim Ankerhold, Simone Montanegro and Jürgen Stockburger

This seminar is funded by the Wilhelm and Else Heraeus Foundation.

Scientific background

Across communities as diverse as quantum optics / quantum information, solid-state physics, statistical physics and chemical physics, to name few, a wealth of novel numerical techniques for quantum dynamics have arisen in recent years. Each discipline has developed tools to tackle formidable problems arising from the propagation of complex interacting systems, among which we focus on

  • Quantum Monte Carlo
  • Stochastic equivalents of open quantum systems
  • Tensor Network Methods
  • Numerical Renormalization Group / Density Matrix Renormalization Group
  • Time-dependent multiconfiguration wave function methods
  • Non-equilibrium Greens functions / transport
  • Semiclassical Methods

The contact between these different activities has been somewhat loose and informal so far: With this seminar we aim to stimulate interaction between communities, foster the interrelations and potential synergies between the different approaches, and to establish and strengthen contact and collaboration between the participants.


Structure of the seminar

Our program will be structured with the specific purpose of interaction and cross-fertilization among communities, and as an opportunity for young researchers to get acquainted with a wide range of methods.

Program structure

The schedule will consist of tutorial-style review talks, invited and contributed talks, a poster session, and two evening sessions with hands-on demonstrations. Scheduled times for oral presentations include discussions.

Our preliminary program provides for

  • six tutorial talks (50 minutes)
  • seventeen invited talks (40 minutes)
  • contributed talks (20 minutes)
  • poster session (Tuesday evening)
  • interactive demonstrations (Monday and Wednesday evenings)